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Imagine getting a boner from imagining about your own death. This show just keeps on giving non-standard villains.
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That's one of best things about Golden Kamuy. All the villains are crazy as fuck but especially Tsurumi and the convicts. They're all so delightfully weird and sometimes you end up rooting for them. Nihei for example is a remorseless hunter who's also a pretty good bro to Tanagaki and had the weird obsession with boners. Henmi seemed like a generic mass killer until you actually see him and turns out he's got this weird ass fetish that also turns him into a love struck japanese school girl in front of Sugimoto. It's hilarious but also gives depth to the characters and makes them way more interesting.

convict=(有罪判決を受けた)受刑者 囚人
remorseless=無慈悲な 残忍な カタカナ表記:リモースリィス
lovestruck=恋煩い 恋に夢中

・わたしは…子供のころ ブタが……森の中で弟を食べているの見たときですね

when I was a kid, i saw pig eating my brother in the forest....

the first time I saw him, with flesh in his mouth....

how do I say this....

I had a boner....

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This show should be called Sugimoto's bizarre adventure.



wasn't that a bear?


It was a boar


Hahahahaha, showing excitement with a glowing boner is something new to me. This guy is really creepy, but he could make a good action scene trying to kill Sugimoto.

Also, gotta love Asirpa saying out loud she is going to take a shit while everyone is eating.

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Asirpa's great. She's a child protagonist that actually pulls her weight and is really good comic relief.

pull one's weight=自分の役割を十分に果たす 自分の仕事を十分にこなす
コミックリリーフ(英語: comic relief)、コメディリリーフ(英語: comedy relief)とは、深刻な物語の中に、緊張を和らげるために現れる、滑稽な登場人物・場面・掛け合いのことである。とはいえ、コミックリリーフは必ずしも固定的な役割でもなく、キャラクターの一面でしかない場合も多い。(wiki

She’s easily one of the best, badass, and funny female protagonists I’ve ever seen.


I now want to see a showdown between Hijikata and Tsurumi. They're both intense, menacing guys who show no fear; it would be great to see.

Shiraishi getting his head bitten does not get old. It's even better when he gets called "useless" shortly after.

Despite Henmi killing a load of people, I felt slightly bad for him, as well as disturbed by him, at the end.

a load of=多量の 多数の
diturb A=Aに不安を引き起こす Aの平穏を妨げる(かき乱す)

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I love how Henmi has this "generic" mass serial killer introduction when we hear him from Shirashi but then turns into this weird motherfucker when we actually see him. The dude was fawning over Sugimoto like a lovestruck Japanese school girl. He's almost a Yandere except his fetish is actually getting killed by his love interest.

motherfuckerには普通に知られている悪口の他に、すごいやつ 最高の人物みたいな意味もあったりするので文脈からそっちで訳しました。

fawn over=機嫌を取る ちやほやする

それが、この「ゴールデンカムイ」の気に入っている部分だ。この漫画を通じてとてもたくさんのキャラクターに出会ってきたが、まったくもって好ましいキャラばかりであり、あからさまに「Hate Sink」なキャラもいない。対立を作り出すために誰かを嫌う必要のないこういう作品に出会えて本当に嬉しい。

This right here is my favorite thing about Golden Kamuy. Pretty much all the characters I've gone through in the manga is either downright likeable or at the very least not an outright "hatesink". I'm so glad to find a series that doesn't need to make me hate someone to generate conflict.


downright=徹底的に 本物の 紛れもない 全くの
outright=あからさまな 明白な 徹底的に 全くの


Hate Sink
A person you hate intensely not because they deserve such hatred but because they serve as a focus for your general hatred. A healthy way to dispense with excess animosity.(UrabanDicitonary
Hate Sink



Even Tsurumi's likeable. He's an absolute psychopath but has a well deserved grievance over his mistreatment and a noble reason for wanting the gold. Plus he's an absolute badass and has the charisma and will to really make you invested in him.
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grievance=不平のもと 苦情の理由 不当な扱いに対する苛立ち カタカナ表記:グリーバンス
mistreatment=酷使 虐待


Just noticed that the character Ushyiama Tatsuma has cauliflower ears. He seems to be an expert in Judo, and cauliflower ears are fairly common in grapplers, like Judoka, wrestlers, BJJ guys etc.

Nice interesting little detail, it shows the attention to detail these guys put in.

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Any reason for that? Do they commonly get grabbed by the ears or something?


Lots of blunt trauma to the ear causes large pockets of blood to form. When those heal, the ear shrivels up and folds in on itself as well as turning pale, making it look like a cauliflower.

large pockets of blood to formここよくわからなかったのでカリフラワー耳(餃子耳)のできる原因を調べ内出血としました。

trauma=トラウマ 外傷 心的外傷 ※トラウマとPTSDの意味を同一視してしまいがちですが(自分だけ?)、よく考えるとトラウマにはPTSD「心的外傷後ストレス障害」の(心的)外傷の意味しかないんですね。
shrivel up=しぼむ
fold in on oneself=崩壊する 倒れる



Interesting, thanks for the context! I knew the mangaka puts so much detail into the story but this one escaped me.


Golden Kamuy has some of the weirdest and most delightful group of lunatics in all of Anime and Manga. Makes the show really unpredictable since you have absolutely no idea what the hell some of them are going to do. Very often they'll make a initial impression that's wildly different from their actual personality, like Henmi did before and after we actually met him.

This is just the start. The manga has some crazy fucking shenanigans.

shenanigan=悪ふざけ いたずら 不正行為

・これが文字通りのmurder boner
Literally a murder boner...

murder bonerの意味ですが、いつものUrbandictionaryによると
murder boner
An erection aroused by violence(UrbanDictionary
murder bonerとは

12 episodes are not enough, second season soon please...

Man the prisoners on this show keep on getting better and better. This guy is weird, funny and scary all in one.



Lmao what an interesting way to show someone get 'excited'. Such a weird fetish.

I love the "flavor of the week" characters and how they interact with all of our main cast. I'm really looking forward to reading the manga after this season. Shame it's only one cour, it's my guilty pleasure this season.

guilty pleasure=後ろめたい喜び 罪悪感を覚える楽しみ


Read it from the start. There's a ton of stuff and interesting factoids the anime didn't get to cover because it rushed through all the big events. Also get ready for one of the wildest treasure hunts you've ever seen in your life.

Read all of the manga, not only does it have great art, but the anime censors the violence and skips interesting details for the sake of 1cour pacing.

The ED starting during the last scene made it feel like a touching confession scene, this show is hilarious in such weird ways sometimes.



Henmi's just a lovestruck school girl who wants his senpai Sugimoto to notice him. and brutally murder him.

notice me senpai「先輩、私に気づいて」ってフレーズでよく使われます。



mince me senpai

これは上の「noice me senpai」のパロディですねw


英語圏の人間には、先輩、後輩、兄、弟、姉、妹みたいな年齢による呼び分けの概念がないようで、「my brotherがー」って書き出しも多く、それ兄と弟どっちなの?って感じで翻訳に困ることがありますw

そういえばコメントにあった「i saw pig eating my brother in the forest」も、この文だけだと兄か弟か区別がつけられないですよね。そもそも向こうの感覚だと区別をつける意味が感じられないようです。

逆に日本だとりんごが単数だろうが複数だろうが「机の上にりんごがあるよ」でいいんですが、英語圏の人間からするとそれが単数(an apple)なのか複数(apples)なのか、そして具体的に特定できるのか(theを付けられるのかどうかなど)、できないのか(someなど)ハッキリしてくれないと気持ち悪くてしょうがないという話を聞いたことがあります。