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this show has no business being as good as it is
i cant remember any sport anime (aside from slam dunk) that got me hyped and at the edge of my seat like this

This season is the first in which 2 sports (SoL style) anime are in my top tier -- this and Tsurune 2. Both are close to flawless.


Thank God this has 13 episodes. No way they could've finished this in one.

Phew I had forgotten, thought it was gonna be 12. So excited!

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Emma seems pretty awesome already. I can't wait to see her skills.


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Whats with those battle shounen nicknames, lol.
The new team surely is a funny bunch, of all kinds of colorful personas, even their at first glance very strict teacher is actually ... a crazy weirdo obsessed with Shino-sensei ? Oh, And also her former school mate it would seem.
This week it was more about introducing a lot of new characters, rather than the actual matches. Last two remaining episodes should be intense.

This show does a great job humanising its characters, even the opponents (which can be rare in sports anime). Like I could almost root for everyone !
Such a pleasant watch so far...

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Senpai and kouhai reunited since highschool! Natsume-sensei looked HOT back in the day.
French guys are good, but if I were a girl, I'd sooner go for an Italian guy. But the French girls....heck yeah!
I just love every moment we see Sacchan! I'm happy she made a friend in Micchan!

she made a friend in Micchanがわりと意味不明だったけどなんとなくで訳しました。

I wasn't expecting the other coach to gush that much, great contrast. My expectation is that Aoba will do well but lose here.

Emma wasn’t even in Michi’s crosshairs and she still got her. +1 Friendship Harem

Michi's harem sure does keep growing -- but the other girls are making new friends too.

Michi is like a real old Shonen Protagonist thinking too much hurts her and defeat means friendship.

Mitchi, Goku and young Naruto would get along really well! I would happily watch this crossover. I would watch it just for the arguments, training arc and the food wars.

Don't forget screaming the name of your techniques. Magical girl Michi is too strong.

・相手の顧問が夏目先生の前ではGenki girlになるのは予想外だった。
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Was not expecting the other couch to turn Genki girl with our teach.


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I like how the other opponent assumed Michi was trembling with fear, but it was in excitement! Some Sasuke vibes from that Bridge arc there.

that Bridge arcがどこを指しているのかよくわからなかったけど、ググったところ桃地再不斬がでてくる波の国編っぽいので上のように訳しました。

This show started off in the top tier of my seasonal favorites -- and it has never lost any ground, consistently excellent.

It seems Michi was able to capture the attention of another girl, this time Emma, how can anyone resist her smile and energy.

I absolutely love the angle to extremely strong opponents in this episode: they might be cobras, tanks, King-Kongs, fighters who smiles with her bone broken, opponents who have the largest judo tactics library of her age…but they are still high school girls. All of which making the same daylight dreams, having same throbbing hearts towards their boys next seat, playing the same game full of handsome guys, eating the same tea time dish after school, having the same mischiefs in school, failing the same exams…and so on.
Even coaches are the same here. Our standard opponent’s coach, absolutely serious at the front stage, ended up completely melting down into that girl with shiny eyes at her own senpai who make a comeback to the judo ground after so many years. What an absolute sight to be seen.
Well, one way or the other, next week’s episode will be brilliant to watch.

Anna really came through with this little speech to her teammates. It really helped settle them down.

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Yep, right after that massage bit.
"Oh, her body is nervous internally and she herself doesn't even know it."


It would've been cool if micchi won the first match quickly with that move, it should teach a lesson to that arrogant girl but by the preview doesn't seem that way.
Still I think micchi will win since she should face the french girl because she looks like a potential rival.

Two more episodes to go. Hopefully that means one ep. for defeating the current (super strong) opponents -- and then the last ep for their match with their friendly (semi-local) rivals.

Tbh I kinda expected this to be their last match but when the coach talked about how some strong teams rest their aces in early rounds I kinda got hopeful again cus wouldn't it be nice if that came to bite them in the arse.

Their coach warned them that they WERE being taken seriously, however.

I love how this anime takes the time to show us that their opponents are just as human and worth rooting for as the main characters. They show the human face of all of the characters and that no one is the bad guy. Also love how Michi is such a joyous characters that she draws people to her.
I wish this anime were way more popular.

Yeah, I don't like series which are like "this is the bad guy and have no redeeming qualities". Feels like a reductive way to view the world.

These elimination matches are horrible, if you think about it, like if Tachikawa lose while benching their aces, kinda means didn't gave their best and lost.

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I really loved the transition to the ED this episode. Plan worked, opponent gets surprised by some wacky mindgames and then BOOM. There's that guitar just as she's getting thrown.


・さあジャイアント・キリングの時間だ、LET'S GOOOOOO AOBA NISHI!!!!!!!!!!
It's time for the giant-killing. LET'S GOOOOOO AOBA NISHI!!!!!!!!!!

This was a great episode this should be an epic match up come on Aoba west You can do it

・Michippon! Michippon! Michippon! Gooooooooo 🙌

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I'm so glad this show takes it's time to properly build up the characters for the matches. And it doesn't neglect previous opponents either, as Hakata South became the assistant coaches for Aoba West now!
Anyway, I'm super excited for the next episode! I wonder if Michi will be able to take down the arrogant girl with one attack. That would surely create some stress for the Tokyo Team! But Emma and the others look super strong as well. I guess this match will show what Towa is truly capable off!

Tokyo Teamになってますがわかりやすく立川チームとしました。