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I felt bad for the other team.

Yeah, those flashbacks did a good job characterizing that Kyuushuu team, along with the pressure from the alumni. Once Michi got the ippon in the first match they were also the underdogs and who doesn't like rooting for the underdog?

alumni=卒業生 OB OG

The flashback did a good job of making me both rooting for them, and still being happy with the result. This part in particular showed that, while she tried her best, she wanted to have fun - and she got it.
I guess Kocchan might not have had as much fun as the other two due to the pressure, unfortunately... And she didn't even get a chance to open her eyes. Well, here hoping she'll get to have fun the next time.

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I really felt bad for Nacchan with all the pressure and expectations piled on her by the alumni cheer squad. Especially when in the flashback we hear her say that she just wants to have fun and was probably not really invested in continuing the big legacy of their club. At least in the end we see that the alumni didn't mean any harm and were just genuinely cheering on their team. It goes to show that no matter how good your intentions are not all people will react the same way to them. I like that what worked was cheering on the actual members and not the "spirit of the club".
On the other hand, Michi was great in taking down three opponents in a row. That really has to be physically demanding. Her post match shenanigans with Midoriko were great and we can finally lay the whole parfait theft to rest now. Also Midoriko is a beast with that winning streak.


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The Hakata South team looks like it has a great future ahead of it. Especially if some of those alumni can find the time to be unofficial assistant coaches in the future. I guess it was okay for an audience member to give instructions -- but would it have been a no-no for the official coach to do that during a match?
I love how they took a little joke moment early on (parfait "theft") and have used it to build the future relationship not only of two opposing players but the ties between the two teams. Interesting how Tsurune has done something similar this season as well. Is this common in sports anime? (not something I can recall seeing much in American sports shows).

>The Hakata South team looks like it has a great future ahead of it. Especially if some of those alumni can find the time to be unofficial assistant coaches in the future.
They absolutely have a future ahead. They were all first years if I'm not wrong so all the time to train and get better. Having the expertise of former members is also great. The thing about giving instructions during the match is interesting to me. If the audience does it it's definitely no problem and team mates can also shout from the sidelines so I'd say even if the official coach does it it should be ok but who knows.

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Awe I actually felt bad for the other team, I really liked Kotoko, definitely would have been my favourite character if she were a main, shame her fight was so short.

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I love the Chevok's gun that Michi and Midoriko both showed off their signature move against large opponents at the same time.

I really really rooting for this anime to be more popular so more people will experience this masterpiece.


What played in my head during the third Match

I kinda wanted Nacchan to take a W or two before being elimnated not gonna lie.

Glad to see I'm not the only one here who felt bad for Hakata South. I was practically cheering for Nacchan during the second half of the episode, especially after all of those flashbacks. T^T

This episode make me feel weak because I root for enemyy too

YES!!! Michi got her Ippon!! And it was back to back to back!!

Yeah couldn't be happier for her we have seen her struggle in so many matches and now finally it happened

Michi is so strong, feel sorry for Natsu and the other girls they did their best i hope they do well in the next tournament

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Michi finally got the chance to be the star of the match, I feel bad about the other team, was hoping for Nacchan to at least get a victory, now Sanae is all hyped up to help the team but that preview doesn't seem like a good sign.

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Man, it felt like the main characters were different this episode lol, I’m kinda amazed they devoted that much backstory and focus on characters that didn’t get a single round on our actual main characters but hey I loved it, it made me care a lot more about the match and the characters involved, I especially loved the shift in cheering from the crowd when it came to Nacchan’s match, they went from cheering for their school to Nacchan herself which ended up giving the cheering its intended purpose in motivating Nacchan to fight back a bit against Michi, one of the guys straight up live coached her mid match which I don’t think is allowed but it’s anime so it’s okay lol.
But sadly the shifting of gears was too late and Michi scored her another Ippon, the focus may have been on the other team this time but I won’t let that take Michi’s massive win from her because she rocked it, but the next opponent sounds like a big deal and looks like it too from the next time preview, it’ll be interesting to see how they tackle this next match. And it’s occurring to me now that there’s only three episodes left when it feels like there should be a lot more, or at least that’s what I want lol.

from not having an ippon to making three in row, amazing michi.

5/5 Episode. Kinda wish Natsu would have won at least once but well. Hope Hakata South girls have better luck next time.




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