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With the way they were showcasing Bachira, they were definitely setting up a big move from him. But if Rin's team scores again, they win, right? Plus, we have a few episodes to go. I'm super hyped to see how the second stage ends.



Yeah right? It would seem odd if after the episode where they showed his backstory and this one where they are setting him up he doesn’t score. It would be interesting to see Isagi’s team losing instead of winning but he gets picked so the story goes on.
Then again, I thought this could happen last match too and I was wrong lol.
Imo it’s either that or Isagi’s team wins and they pick Rin

I don't think they would pick isagi if they win, nagi and barou are too useful and rin can pretty much do anything isagi can( atleast atm)

Going by this logic Nagi is the most sensible pick as Barou's skills are already present within Rin and Tokimitsu. But none of them have Nagi's ball control.

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Barou is the lion king, devourer of prey. The lion suits his strong and fierce image perfectly.

And lion stalking preys being villain like.

The power of Mufasa, but with the cunning of Scar.

Last match: Barou is such a selfish dick that he's easily controlled..
This match: Barou is such a selfish dick that he's uncontrollable.

He didn't stop being a selfish dick. Instead, he became a worse selfish dick. If Barou reaches bottom-well, he doesn't climb. He digs.


Barou went from trying to force impossible goals to using Isagi as a lightning rod and pounce once the opportunity presented itself.

lightning rod=避雷針 身代わりとして非難や攻撃を受ける人

Yeah he doesn’t demand the ball 24/7, now he can wait for the right moment and TAKE the ball.

Rin tried to predict how the 4v4 would play out but he didn’t expect that Barou plays like it’s 1v7 him against everyone else

There's the Barou I've been waiting for. The King gets angry when you don't acknowledge him.

Made Rin kneel after he stole it and scored. All Hail King Barou.

I really love how Isagi was willing to get devoured by Barou in order to score.

I hope we fet more animation similar to when Rin and Tokimitsu were passing the ball. Even if it was short, it was so satisfying to see

right? the anime would be 10 times enjoyable is they kept that motion for all the scenes


Poor Bachira feeling alone again

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I think Nagi and Reo forgot the existence of Zantestu.

Not gonna lie, I did too

I mean he was just on their team, they weren't particularly close. Isagi and Chigiri haven't dwelled on their teammates either

if u read the side story of nagi, u can see they were pretty close!


Dark King Barou scores again!

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The Red and Black lightning remind me of Red Death from DC!

Is Anri just there for Ego to make fun of? Poor girl.
Not as hype as the previous episode but still entertaining nonetheless. Barou "outsmarting" Rin because he's irrational like that was cool.

Rin calling them NPCs is perfect 🤣🤣


I want more zantetsu 😫

Why did they make Tokimitsu's aura so disgusting looking lmao, doing my boy dirty.

It's the sounds not the aura in my opinion

The ff7 Sephiroth style music that plays over Rin is honestly my favorite thing about this show


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i live for anri😍 anri is the finest girl in blue lock, well the only girl

another amazing episode
cant wait to see who comes out on top between rin and isagi

Barou was the MVP this time!!
God I loved all of the Lion imagery.
Can't wait to see how this match ends!