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Nagi unlocked a new ability
Become the main character for 5 minutes
Ngl that shit was hype, when I first saw Nagi I hated how he acted like everything was too easy and everyone was bad except him. Now that he is with isagi and we get to see his thinking this dude is the best character in the show

For a show that will eliminate all but one of the characters, they are all pretty interesting.

Well like Nagi said himself, bro changed. He lost, reevaluated, and started playing different football with Isagi

And now I feel the exact same way about Rin, most of the geniuses start off as arrogant dicks I guess

Ngl, Nagi became my favorite character in the series. I appreciate his evolution and development. Also, I fucking love his personality and design (and voice too)! :D

Nagi evolves yet again, the most exciting player for me

Agreed especially considering he’s still relatively new to soccer and is learning with each passing game

He's definitely my favourite character in this series, although almost all of them are pretty good and interesting to me

・可哀想な玲王、知らぬ間に今回で3回フラれてしまった 🥲😭

Poor Reo, got rejected for the third time without even knowing it 🥲😭

He actually didn't expect this series to have a NTR tag 😂

・NTRはNagi Torments Reoという意味
NTR means Nagi Torments Reo

torment A=Aを酷く苦しめる

Finally, Isagi's team got Rin frustrated. The constant commentary is a bit annoying, much rather see more fluid and continuous soccer action than the elaborate scheming from Isagi, as epic as it can be. This match is gonna go on for a while I bet.

Nagi is right Isagi and Rin have equal big brain but its just that Isagi is weaker physically so thats why Isagi cannot win
and lol i can relate so much, confidence is greater than competence for sure

Finally someone appreciating Chigiri 's hair

Chigiri takes good care of his hair, was very surprised he doesnt tie it

I mean they're playing soccer, it seems like it would be a pain to play with hair untied, constantly blocking your eyes and getting in your face

I used to have long hair and it's borderline unplayable. Having to move your hair away from your face every 5 second and having obstructed vision whilst running is horrible

You don't need to tie your hair when you're so fast it's always flying behind you! Chigiri with the 4D chess strats

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Yes, Rin finally getting serious

Dude was looking bored the entire game until Nagi scored on him. Looks like he’s gonna start getting a little more serious.

If they were struggling with a bored Rin, it’s gonna be a crazy match with a serious Rin


A few weeks ago Japanese player Kaoru Mitoma scored a fake volley goal as well and everyone kept making Blue Lock references, for anyone who wants to see what that looks like irl

That’s awesome, thanks for sharing.
Ngl I watched it a bunch of times and my brain still can’t work out what that guy’s feet did

He did fake shot, but touched the ball so that it was still in the air, and then took a shot to score.


Something like this

I want to see Isagi beat Rin

Rin is nicer than I thought, the red team is playing like a team unlike the first time we saw them. It must be nice to have natural talent like nagi, he's always coming up with something new on the fly. That play was so glorious, even Rin is mad lol.

✨ オ シ ャ ✨って言いたかったんだろ
>That play was so glorious
I think you meant ✨ G L A M✨ 
[insert aryu posing]

The RIN ost got me hyped and i don't even like rin

Yeah!!! The chills are real!

The music was fire, and while the animation could be better it was still good episode

Great! Great! Great episode! The animation was certainly a step up from the last few episodes. Hope this continues

Eh, I think last episode's animation was much better, particularly Bachira's backstory


・凛 vs イサギ始まった。今回のエピソードは本当に良かった、次回が楽しみ。
the Rin vs Isagi has started.This episode was really good.cant wait for the next episode

Nagi is seriously a monster. Can't wait to see a frustrated Rin in the next episode

it was so goood, the best episode at the moment!

・今回めちゃヤバかった。NAGI, I LOVE YOU
This episode was so crazy. NAGI, I LOVE YOU

The rematch we’ve been waiting for!
My favorite thing about Blue Lock is that when they bust out these “super moves” they are real things players do in real life. Not just some super shot.

Can't wait to see Rin get serious. Let's see how Isagi's going to overcome this hurdle