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Damn, Isagi's kicking Reo while he's down after Nagi broke up w him
Become the one who chooses, not the one waiting to be chosen, what are you playing soccer for?
Kunigami lifting him up and forcing him to watch them leave
Don't look down! Watch them go! If our heads drop now, we're done for!
Dude is the right person to knock some ego/sense into Reo.

This line from Kunigami was so fucking fire. Damn this show is really getting me hype over the smallest things lmao

Kunigami has not had a single uncool moment in this entire show. His scene as they leave the field is peak mental fortitude

Kunigami would've been the protagonist in any other anime, but this is Blue Lock.

He's even got the Bleach-style spiky shonen protag-kun hair...

Reo thought it was all happy go lucky friendship with Nagi

happy go lucky=のんきに 楽天的に ※そこから上のように訳したけどどうだろ?

He really didn't expect to be murdered by both Nagi and Isagi.
Oh well, at least my guy Nagi is free to grow as an egotist striker now XD

Barou coming back to the room being an even bigger mess because Nagi and Chigiri were bonding was hilarious.

It's really nice that Isagi and Barou can talk without the conversation going off the rails. Reminds me of Deku+Bakugo relationship.

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I figured that Chigiri would be chosen but when I saw Reo in the ED, maybe they would pull a last-minute twist to get Reo in the team, but he just got buried by both Nagi and Isagi. I hope this is a wake-up call and he comes back stronger.
Bachira's backstory was nice but I have a feeling that if Isagi's team beats Rin's team, they would pick Rin over Bachira which would just crush Bachira since he was waiting for Isagi to take him back.

Bachira’s backstory did start explaining many things regarding him (except for his hairstyle). I wonder how differently he’s gonna play now that he also has awakened(idk what to call it) against isagi’s team

Well his arty mom explains the two-tone hairstyle, I guess.

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He actually hasn't awakened yet. His ego came out but the blue aura indicates he hasn't actually awakened. Once a character awakens, their aura changes from blue to a unique color. We saw that with Barou and Chigiri in the last couple of episodes. Their auras went from blue to red and black and red when they awakened. Isagi's aura is green and Rin's is teal.


I knew the director's fave is bachira. The animation is so smooth (tho they reuse some scenes). I give this ep 100 points coz they remodel Noa (gosh he is so pretty) and for Isagi's iconic "I'll steal you back" to bachira. It's funny how it's like love triangle lol. Isagi is really a boyfriend material.


Director’s know what peak is. Also if they want soccer animation to be top tier than a dribble specialist like Bachira gives them flex opportunities (which they take)

(which they take)がよくわからんかった。

Bachira is stealing the animation budget like true egoist should

I was about to say! Bachira's dribbling was well animated compared to Barou's chop dribble last week lol

Bachira is the only one who always gets perfect animation.

Anyone watch Captain Tsubasa? Bachira and his mom remind me of misaki and his dad.


Kinda surprised they went with Chigari, but he’s a great addition!!

Whoever animates the episodes loves bachira. This is the same art quality from episode one and it looks fantastic.

Sad that Bachira was schizophrenic since childhood

his mom encouraged the schizophrenia too 😭

Fr lmao. "Imaginary Friend" my ass. They're making it sound like an ability saying it in english but he really is just a bit broken in the head.

>he really is just a bit broken in the head
That's why we love him

It seems that metaphors are a bit too high level for people in this sub...

I don’t think it’s actual schizophrenia, since he seems to be fully aware that the ‘monster’ is just in his head. I think it’s a combination of poor social skills in general, difficulty communicating his feelings and state of mind, and a fixation that most people can’t understand.

He is just like me fr



Lol it's a metaphor, not actually schizophrenia. It's what happens when he has talent and passion that goes unrecognized. With none of his peers understanding him and him not wanting to compromise, he just made up an imaginary friend he could play with. That's what his mom was trying to say about the monster voice, she's an artist with a calling that no one else understands either.
If Bachira had been born in a country with better scouts and coaches, they would've picked up that he was playing beyond his peers and recruited him to junior leagues with people who could understand him. Then he never would've had to make up a friend in the first place. Instead he had to wait for someone like Ego to recognize him.

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Lemon has goalie ptsd 🤣🤣


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I always liked Iemon, because like, damn it must suck to come here to improve your skills as a striker, only to be delegated goalie and only play as a goalie every single game.
Speaking of having seen some of our old friends, I wonder when we'll see Nico, the older twin, and the fast and stupid glasses guy. Would be interesting if they all teamed up.

The older twin already teamed up with Raichi and Gagamaru in a previous additional time.

I am interested what Iemon is capable of. He did manage to make it through the one-on-one with Blue Lock Man after all.




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