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I am not entirely sure why -- but of all the brand-new shows, this is the one I "love" the most. There is just something about the look, the atmosphere, the character designs, the story, the voice acting and the music (especially that opening song) that melts my heart. No prior interest in girl's judo per se -- but I really like the attitude of our main characters.

Feeling the same, this is definitely the new show I'm looking forward to the most.

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I loved the way the four girls made their dramatic entrance to the lunch counter scuffle -- sort of spaghetti western-esque.


Towa-sama is just too precious <3
A bit disappointed that we didn't get to see Sanae give her dad a hug after agreeing to sign the permission slip/

That last moment was great. There's no big arc or anything, just let their kid do what she loves.

Loved the lunchlady character.

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Seeing Sanae pant after winning that pin ippon really resonated with me. The exhaustion that comes with fighting is so often downplayed in anime, with characters fighting seemingly for hours hardly breaking a sweat. If I fight competition intensity, after 5 mins I am wasted (need to work on that, I know). Nice to see that in an anime

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I really liked the background bit with the bean bun where Michi defends her piece of the bun.

I also love Nagumo pushing onto the scale making Sanae freak out in the ED

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I wonder if we will get another member or two for the club -- and is the "advisor" a teacher or (perhaps) a senior boy student?

Can’t say I much care for Judo but I’ve been enjoying this so far
I’m curious how this series will develop and if we’ll see new people (the guy at the end has me curious)


This will likely be one of my favorites this season based on these first two episodes. I wish we got twice as many heartfelt, down-to-earth shows like this, and half as many generic Isekai each season.
It's such a nice vibe just seeing these girls support each other and strengthen their bonds. I love the character design too, strikes a good balance between realistic, but expressive. Looking forward to their chonky faces each Sunday.

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Do some outdoor judo sounds nice.
I was hoping to see people being thrown around, when they appeared with the dogi to buy the coronet

It was funny seeing Towa, Michi, Sanae and Nagumo using their judo and kendo uniforms to buy bread on the "battlefield" xD hahahah it was also an interesting way to attract people to join the club :D

Honestly my favourite anime this season. Every scene just feels good :)

Episode 1 was great, and so was this one. It's like a sports Slice of Life. After this episode though, I think I finally get what it must feel like to work hard for something for a long time, just to have someone be better in a much shorter amount of time.

I was worried because I thought Sanae wouldn't join the club or she would join the judo club secretly from her parents... luckily your father is considerate and supportive, right, Sanae~ so happy for you ♡

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The girls are so cute!
Towa is so precious, she’s great a judo but apparently not so much with talking to people. She’s got to wear her judogi for a bit of extra courage lol. Meanwhile, Michi is like a ball of energy. I like how she was just practicing with Sanae like right in the middle of the track. She really loves judo! Her and Towa are gonna be great friends.
Nagumo is pretty fun too, her getting her hand crushed when she tried to steal Michi’s bread was pretty funny. She might love kendo as much as Michi loves judo! Sanae is like the very dependable one, I figured her dad would sign off on the form.

Towa-chan shyly doing the dance moves in the ED is the cherry on top.

I can feel the that these 4 goofballs will become best friends by the end of this but with Towa being a National caliber Judoka she will make the other two way better and looking forward to some exciting victories!

That dad is is the real MVP

This is such a wholesome show. The art and music support the atmosphere very well too! I was smiling over the entire episode!

reminds me so much of bamboo blade

BAMBOO BLADE 1巻 (デジタル版ヤングガンガンコミックス)
土塚理弘(著), 五十嵐あぐり(著), 五十嵐 あぐり(イラスト)