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You can tell this isn't your typical isekai because Fel doesn't have a humanoid form and isn't trying to seduce Mukouda.

A godly wolf companion that doesn’t transform into cute teenage girl. That something new alright.

I'm surprised they didn't ask to see if he shrinks down to a cute and cuddly puppy size. That's the other trope.


The anime website also showcases the sponsored products used by Mukouda in each episode.
So far only 2 items; Ep 1's Ebara-brand ginger sauce for dipping/marinade, and this episode's Ebara-brand teriyaki marinade sauce. Both products are very real and can be purchased in real life.


Some steak sauce brand's marketing director must be banging their head against the wall for missing this collaboration opportunity. (I think the anime just used generic designs for those in this episode)
The site doesn't show Suntory Mineral Water which appeared in ep.1?

fun fact, ep 2 is Kikkoman sauce, you can find in asian store


>The anime website also showcases the sponsored products used by Mukouda in each episode.
That's neat! Reminds me of how Imouto sae Ireba Ii. showcased the alcohol featured in their episodes each week.

IIRC, weren't the board games also real?


I can't believe I've made the same mistake twice...watching the show in the midnight

Almost as bad as watching yuru camp with no curry ramen

This has the same vibe as Restaurant in Another World so I made sure to have something prepared before I started watching.

same vibe but the adventuring makes it much easier to watch.

The subtitles I saw didn't include honorifics, but the merchant guild girl switched from calling him Mukohda-san to Mukohda-sama after she realized what he brought to sell.


Good catch...He went from just some ole Iron-classed merchant to Mr. Mukohda Sir, may I see what exquisite exotic wares you have come to sell today.


Now we're isekai'ng


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I don't know why but the disinterested guild receptionist really does it for me.

It's the contrast with merchant guild receptionist that is very proper and explain the rules right away

I’m more like a tanned red hair type person _^
(And looks like from the official art we’ll get another one)

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To me it's the Merchant's guild receptionist being totally calm in front of an S-ranked monster but jumps at salt and pepper that was funny...

During some point in our history a bag of salt was possibly as good as its weight in gold, quite litterally. Even the word "salary" comes from salt, so it being precious in this seemingly medeival world is perfectly in line. Same with pepper, it doesn't grow everywhere and the places that it does grow are few and far between. Also, both of these things are used in food preservation. Its essentially a refrigerator hack so to speak, and 17 gold coins might still be a bargain for the guy buying it.

Luckily Mukouda isn't in one of those Isekai countries where salt is monopolized by the rulers and unauthorized trade could end in the death penalty.
In fact the merchant guild master acted like he didn't care if Mukouda robbed and murdered someone else for their salt if he can buy it off him.

That chick from the adventure's guild had enough of rookies dying...
Literally did not care explaining sht like she expected him to die the next day, I hope he brings a mountain of dead monster for his 1st day

would be hilarious the next day he comes back and just starts unpacking A-ranked and B-ranked monsters outta his item box... with Fel ouside just drooling scaring the shit outta everyone.


Nah, it looked like she simply doesn't give a fuck.

Or maybe she is just bummed that she has to work there to pay of her student loans, or whatever the medieval society equivalent of that is.

Maybe she gets hit on constantly by adventurers dripping with testosterone and is kinda over it by now.

Medieval equivalent of student loans would probably be your parents debts

So we have a skinny guy wearing a green shirt and a talking dog that eats a lot, sounds familiar.

Man, I miss the days when Scooby Doo was good…


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I thought preparing snacks would help curb my hunger but looks like I'm going to time my meals with each new episode release. Especially including meat.


That boar steak dish with all the different sauces has me really hungry. I’m gonna be dreaming of steaks tonight haha.

I am waiting for the blue ray. That will have a cookbook too.

Rice is actually a really good side dish for steak. Just deglaze the pan with butter and garlic, then pour them on top of the steak and rice.


Or instead of pouring it over the steak and rice, put cooked rice in it instead and stir-fry it. You now have a simple beef-flavoured garlic butter fried rice!

How can they make such attractive food? Like this is art

Fel is one heck of a character, he simply forced Mukoda to make a contract just to eat... lol...

Now I want to eat steaks! This anime will make you hungry.

Is pork steak cooked at rare/medium good?
Watching this show past midnight is always a mistake.

I wouldn't eat wild boar below well done for fear of parasites, but Fel is over a thousand years old, and is probably used to eating prey raw, so I guess it can't be that bad in this setting.

Pork chops / pork tenderloin should be actually cooked around medium. It's safe nowadays. Well-done is too dry.


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The chibi version of adventure missing mukhoda's cooking is nice.

I feel sorry for those escort adventurers. Once you have tasted such delicious food, you could never go back to dried meat and thin soup.

I like this show. It feels like Spice and Wolf crossed with Slime Isekai.

Slime Isekaiはとりあえず転スラ(転生したらスライムだった件)と訳しました。

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Literally Spice and Wolf.
I wonder if the author drew inspiration from it, the two share a few similarities

Ookami to kushinryou + slime + isekai shoukodo to be more precise.

Another enjoyable episode Mukoda is such an amazing cook and Fel is such a great familiar for Mukoda to have

Unexpectedly fun show!

Huge fan of the light novels, it's fun all the way through.