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"Looking forward to it, King. Did you practice kneeling?"
Yo Nagi with all his smack talking towards Barou is hilarious.

・イサギはあの3人全員から酷い言われようだなw彼はここで1 vs 1のプレイスタイルをしっかりと確立しないといけない。どういう結果になるのか楽しみだ。
isagi getting shit on by all 3characters lol, dude really needs to evolve his 1v1 playstyle and im hype to see what it turns out to be

Isagi went from "I want Rin!" to "I can't even beat Naruhaya!"

Mental game weak

For real, gets a little old with how much this guy flip flops to 2 different extremes

That's very realistic, everyone goes from "I can do anything!" to "I can't do shit" all the time

Too relatable...

Finally Barou is back I've been waiting for too damn long. Damn he scored 4 on his own!

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Lowkey highlight of this episode for me was the face-off between Nagi and Barou at the beginning when they first meet in the post-game room and exchange remarks and glares.
"I'll beat you and make you my servant"
"Did you practice kneeling?"
Nagi is on fire.

Damn, this opening is so much better than the first one,
Also no ending yet :(

King Barou is back, seems like he tried his best with 4 goals, but his team still lost LOL

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Who the hell is Naruhaya💀


how could you forget the goat


the one who's always fighting with gagamaru lol


Cmon isagi,you cant let Naruhaya beat you like that,Nagi picked you over Reo to improve,need Isagi to turn up next episode.

Isagi got nerfed heavily once he lost his boyfriend

Does that mean Bachira is single? :)))

Yes, you must have a monster inside of you to be worthy

He's lucky Nagi isn't calculating and just wants to improve his skills at his side because a lot of other players would've just dicked around in that situation knowing they'll be picked over Isagi anyway.

Nagi wants to get better at football, not kuon-ing

He doesn’t have to throw the game since in either situation he gets through, either he’s picked up or he stays in anyways. You might as well stay with the guy you started with and have known for longer, rather than starting new with new people.
Honestly this selection format is beautifully designed. The strong are basically guaranteed to move on and the weak are naturally weeded out unless they can figure something out

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what is that thing in naruhayas pocket?



For a brief second I really thought it was drugs

I thought that too. But then I realised Blue Lock wouldn’t allow that haha

Is Barou supposed to be a joke character or something? "King this", "King that" but the dude can't stop losing.

"King this", "King that" ここよくわからなかったので文脈にあうように意訳しました。


本編から消える運命の脇役キャラよりも自分が下だなんてイサギは恥ずかしさを感じているに違いない。次回イサギが1 vs 1の問いにどのような答えを出すのかワクワクするね。
Losing this game means the end for our protagonist and that made it easier to predict the outcome of this match. It's pretty much guaranteed that Barou, Isagi, and Nagi will play the next match. Sorry Naruhaya.
It must be embarrassing for Isagi if even a side character that is fated to get sidelined is better than him, I'm excited to see what his solution would be for his one-on-one problem.

Y’all. Isagi isn’t aware he’s a main character. He doesn’t know he’s going against someone “fated to be sidelined”, he’s fighting for his life and legitimately questioning if he can beat his opponent. He’s not feeling embarrassed, he’s unsure, desperate, and nervous. Viewer privilege is sometimes making people forget to think about things from Isagi’s current POV. I think that takes away from the enjoyment somewhat.

Sayonara Loser!
I was worried that Isagi and Nagi were going to have to kick someone out that I liked, but Naruhaya resolved that pretty well this episode.
Sayonara Loser!

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I have not read ahead so don't know what ep 15 will bring, but I sense that the story behind that caramel box is going to be pulling at my heartstrings somehow.

Oh man Barou and Nagi will never get along I can't imagine them on the same team together.

Bachira laughing was way too adorable in the additional time.

Bachira is having a good time, eating well and swinging his bachicock freely. Meanwhile Isagi is bitching about losing Bachira, fighting for his life and getting humiliated by their old teammate who can't even defend properly in the first selection.

This show is so manly and gay at the same time, I love it.
Bachira encouraging the glam guy to undress.

The shot of Isagi gripping the chain (with Bachira in the middle of it) in the OP is some top tier Fujo bait if I've ever seen it. Hahaha.

Welcome to sports anime

I hope Isagi crushes Naruhaya next episode please

I'm curious to see what's next