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This OP lives rent free in my head, especially the beginning with Lum and Ataru and all the dancing parts. Love it!
First part was too goofy but second part was really funny
Also after credits scene

One of my fave episodes in the original, they made it fun this time around even without she specifically oshii aspects that I enjoyed about this specific episode in the original

The shop owners are the MVP's for the help they gave to the students.

I don't understand why the school doesn't want them to eat snacks on their own time off school grounds when school is out though, is there a cultural thing I'm missing because it seems pretty asinine.

・今回も楽しいエピソードだった、教師 vs 生徒の買い食い戦争、TATAKAE!
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another fun episode, teachers vs students snack war, TATAKAE!
old dude sacrificed himself for the young teacher lmao.

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Someone explain, did I just watch online shopping being done with a click on a touch-screen? In an anime that was serialized between 1978 and 1987 ? Was that a new addition or were they that much ahead of time with that one?

The machine that Ten shopped with is in that chapter, but the purchasing scene is not. Ten just pulled the fortune telling ball out of his bag. So no touch screen was shown.
But a lot of our current technology was already conceptualized in sci-fi long ago. We owe a lot of our ideas to sci-fi. I wouldn't be surprised if touch screen was shown in an even older sci-fi TV or movie.

Ah, that makes more sense then, thank you!
Sure, Startrek was ahead of the time but combination of touch-screen and one click purchases - never seen anything else like that portrayed so that blew my mind. I think back then best people could come up with would be talking to a robot or virtual AI assistant to make the purchase. I think The Jetsons illustrate that well - tech thete is fantastic but most of it, we now know, is very unpractical.

This episode was funny as hell for sure one of the funniest in the series so far


One of my fave episodes lmao this was hilarious from start to finish. The off campus lunch crackdown was actually kinda similar to my high school experience it was hard af to leave campus to eat.
Second half with the “trouble eye” was def the best tho. Sakura was awesome today I absolutely love her character. Ten really caused all that trouble and just dipped lmaooo


I can't really feel the first part but the second part is comedy gold indeed.

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I love that they knew that Sugita is such a goated VA that they had to do an after credits scene with him as well.

The first part of the episode was okay. I think there were some new gags that I didn't expect so it made the episode feel fresh.
The real star of the episode was the 2nd half and it was hilarious. But it was also pretty short so it couldn't reach the same level of chaos it did in the OG anime (episode 60 btw).

・あの宇宙のセールスマンは完全にアニオリだったけど、らんま1/2の九能校長をモデルにしているのは明らかだ。悲しいことに九能校長の声優・仁内 建之は2000年にお亡くなりなった。ご存命だったらきっとこのうる星やつらにもゲスト出演していたことだろう。
That galactic salesman was completely original though. I think he was very clearly based on Principal Kuno from Ranma 1/2. Sadly the OG voice of Principal Kuno Tatsuyuki Jinnai passed away in the year 2000. If he was still around I'm sure he would've made the cameo.

・買い食い禁止のせいで教師 vs 生徒の戦争に発展、そしてクラーク・ケントことスーパーマンが窮地を救いにやってくる。なんという奇妙でおバカな対決なんだ・・
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A teacher vs student battlefield thanks to the cancelling of snacks and we have Clark Kent aka superman here trying to save the day. What a bizarre goofy showdown..
Also I definitely want Ten to make everyone see their “true loves”, it would be great to see all of their reactions 😍😍😍

Don't believe everything you buy online


The second half. Nothing else needs to be said. 10/10, just like the original.

First half was okay but the second half was hilarious. Specially Sakura seeing both Mendo and Ataru lol.

I preferred the first half. But yeah, both stories deserved to be full episodes on their own.