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I love everything about this series already, not just how good looking the food looks but the reactions of the inhabitants of the Isekai as they eat our world's food is just fun to watch. Its almost like Isekai Shokudou + camping.

  • 癒し系
  • 典型的な異世界モノではない。今のところ強すぎる主人公、ハーレム、ファンサービスの気配がない。
  • 可愛い「ペット」登場
  • 食べ物が美味しそう
  • リラックスした雰囲気
  • 主人公がアホではない。自分の才能が発覚したら奴隷にされるとすぐに気づいた。
  • 脇役キャラが今のところうざくない(あのパーティの見せ方も良かった)
It's already shaping up to be one of my favorites this season:-
  • Iyashikei
  • Not a typical isekai. So far no hints of an OP MC, or harem, or fan service. + + +
  • Cute "pet" has appeared
  • Delicious looking food
  • Relaxing vibe
  • MC is not dumb, immediately realizes he'll be enslaved if his talents are found out.
  • Side characters so far are not annoying (the party is pretty well presented)
So far, it's all been great. I was so happy while watching this. Can't wait for more episodes.


the shows release here after midnight and this is the only i cant watch rn at 1:30am cause i know imma be hungry as hell after lmaooo


The books made me so hungry. Every time he makes something, it's basically a page out of a cookbook where it explains all the ingredients, temperature, etc.
These books taught me that stabbing the meat a bunch of times with a fork helps the marinade soak in!

Isekai Shokudou + Yuru Camp + Shokugeki no Soma

It’s shokugeki no soma but without the embarrassment if someone walks in the room while you’re watching. It’s perfect!

MAPPA's first Light Novel and Isekai adaptation. If im not mistaken.

They picked a good one. This one has fun characters and the fact that he's from another world actually matters.

this is so far1000x more enjoyable than the title suggests

I know right? I've just been doing the rounds watching the new shows and I almost skipped over this one because of the premise. So happy I didn't. first show of the season where I had that feeling like "awww man the episodes gonna finish soon and I just wanna binge hours of this right now"

This is a MAPPA solo production but they are collaborating with real companies for the food, so they can use real life brands

kora no sponsa no tekio de okurishimasu

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I FUCKING KNEW IT. Those logos while he was online shopping were too authentic to not be real company logos. This is actually amazing xD

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This is the weirdest product placement I've seen since Pizza Hut and Code Geass. I guess it explains the effort they're putting into making the food look good.

  • ネットスーパーはAEON
  • 彼が購入した水のボトルはSUNTORYのミネラルウォーター。
  • 豚肉炒め用のソースはエバラ(スマイルマークのロゴがあるやつ)、ってかそもそも彼が名前言ってたし
As far as I noticed:
  • the Net Supermarket is Aeon.
  • the bottled water he bought was Suntory mineral water.
  • the stir-fry sauce for pork is made by Ebara (logo with the smiley), he even name-dropped it.

Aeon Net Super even tweeted about the anime.

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Even Mukouda practically promote them by saying something like, "Sasuga Ebara, their products are really good." in this episode.


I see a lot of people saying that they’re going to watch this because MAPPA. Don’t set your expectations too high as it’s basically a fun and silly slice-of-life series.
I’m looking forward to watching the first ep as the series is being directed by the guy who directed Uchitama (which I really loved!)

MAPPA already flex off their skills in the cooking animations lol.


This is probably the most ridiculous isekai premise I've seen so far, not sure if this or smartphone takes the #1 spot. But I do like how this guy isn't powerful in the usual sense, and actually had to hire a party to escort him. I don't think I've ever seen an MC do that before.
Also getting some nice Isekai Shokudou vibes from the food segments, I can already tell this show will be one of the highlights of my week.

>This is probably the most ridiculous isekai premise I've seen so far
In case you hadn't heard, they're working on an anime adaptation of "Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon".



Yup, that's why I said so far





⚠️Trade offer⚠️
I receive: 3 meals a day
You receive: Fenrir familiar
Food costs definitely going to skyrocket but at least there’s no need to hire escorts anymore.

Food costs may rise, but since he's Fenrir, he'll likely hunt high level monsters for ingredients and perhaps even let Tsuyoshi sell their parts for more money.
Sounds like a huge win of being able to eat high quality food every day and be rich, too. Honestly, the downside is likely how much workload he has to just cooking for Fenrir. Them muscle aches.

the problem is not the cost, as Fenrir can cover it. It is the work of preparing the meals lol. Unless the MC is smart enough to actually hire a cook, he will spend most of his time cooking lol.
he didn't get a familiar. He became a Fenrir's slave chef.


This is gonna be a fuckin banger you already know

I read the manga - Believe me, it's a timeless classic in the making.

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- I shall form a contract with you.
- I re―
- I refu―
- O-Ok...


you can't refuse Ainz offer afterall


The illusion of choice in RPG dialogues is a trope as well, isn't it?

Timely comment for me, since I just finished Dragon Quest XI, a game that had a lot of that

・Sasuga Fenrir-sama

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The "quicky" onion soup made laugh so hard, I'm so excited to see where this goes!

Watching this at 3am was not a wise choice

Do not watch this episode when hungry lol. The food looked amazingly delicious.

His ability is pretty OP if you think about it



One word after watching this episode, I'm hungry.
btw, AEON Net Super is a real thing
The ginger sauce

nice adaptation from the manga. My favorite anime this season

Great start ! I like Animes that are different from the usual trend :)

isekai overload this season lol.
promising so far!

That Hanna-Barbera created sound effect aroun 20:35 minutes in had me dying XD. I really liked this episode


Anybody heard a meme sound effect at 20:34? Goofy running to be exact

i heard that sound effect a lot back when i used to watch the morning cartoons every weekend

Same effect was used for Bocchi running to get Nako-chan a drink in Ep 1 of Hitoribocchi.



I thouroughly enjoyed it. It's a very cute and chill anime.

Damn your Skill was Amazon? holy shit.
RIP my wallet if i got that skill 🤣
I'm so glad watching this while eating my lunch.



Really good, just another good Isekai