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We finally get to meet Mendou's imouto, Ryoko voiced by Marina Inoue aka Armin/Yoko Littner. While she does share her mother's preferred mode of transportation, she's definitely not as refined and loves to play pranks on people. The rest of this episode basically shows how crazy the rest of the Mendou family is with their life-size boardgame that uses everyone as their boardgame pieces. xD

It's not often we see Marina Inoue play a proper Japanese beauty with the suitable voice to match, but she's terrific as Ryoko! And her personality will definitely keep the plot lively lol.
Also gotta love all the kimono fanservice we got in this episode! The girls all looked great!
The Mendo family seem to have nothing better to do with their lives than mess with people lol.

This episode just confirmed that everyone from the Mendou family is crazy and weird lmao.

TFW shutaro is the most sane and 'normal' of the Mendo household

household=家族 ※ただ雇人なども含めた「家族」って意味らしいのであの黒子とかも含んでいるんだと思う。

This episode had Kazuhiko Inoue who originally voiced Sakura's Boyfriend as Mendou's dad. Continuing the trend of Old VA's from the Rumikoverse.
Speaking of Inoue's. Marina Inoue who voices Sakura from Kyoukai no Rinne as Mendou's sister.
Edit: Another Inoue is Kikuko Inoue who voices Inuyasha's mother and Kasumi Tendo from Ranma 1/2.

Are they all related? Or just a coincidence?

Coincidence. Though Kikuko has a daughter who is also a voice actress.

Ryoko and Sakura look too similar.


That's the basis of Kodachi Kuno of Ranma 1/2

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Ryoko Mendo is just a pure psychopath that just loves to see the world burn from the background. A huge puppet master who actually has competent helpers compared to Shutaro. Someone who acts innocent while holding a knife or a gun behind her back. She is the model of the later incarnation of Rumiko Takahashi's next character Kodachi Kuno from Ranma 1/2. Kodachi was just pure crazy. You also know that laugh. The original VA played Shinobu in Urusei Yatsura.


Now this is what I call comedy lol

a little boring this chapter with jumping around in the mendo house.

The fact that they adapted the Powerball pun so well just simply amazes me, such a perfect parallel.



I'm glad they finally adapted one of the greatest anime scenes of all time
Also, Mendo's dad is just japanese Tony stark

I love the episodes were all the characters show up again like this one. I still think we need more screen time for the ice girl. She is a waifu.
Mendo's sister is also a lot of fun.
Looks like next week is another new character showing up!

I dont remember watching this animated episode of Takeshi's Castle....


Ten is coming next ep, fun
Lum looking great in the Kimono

that annoying little shit lol
well maybe they can make him less annoying in this remake somehow?

Wtf did I just watch!?

Man, I was hoping Mendo's father would have Kamiya Akira as his seiyu, in the same way Ataru and Lum had their old seiyu. Guess he's too expensive nowadays.
Voice actors lines cut off occasionally, which was weird. Otherwise, pretty enjoyable episode.


Was that Aoi Yuuki on the preview!?! This show isn't screwing around when it comes to voice acting.


最近記事出すのが一週間遅れが当たり前になる状況なこともあって、今回区切りがいいのでこれを最後にしようかと思っていたんだけど、テンちゃんの回は気になるのでやるかも、ということ でこのまま終了もあるかもしれないのでそのときはご了承ください。