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Maybe its just me but with the recent World Cup stuff, this series has become a lot more enjoyable along with the noticeable animation upgrade in this episode compared to the last.
Bachira's such a great insane character that he manages to inspire the rest of the team except for Kuon whose literally doing nothing lmao.



Bachira is a madman and I love it lol. Everyone saw defeat and he just saw a chance to up his game. That goal he scored was incredible!

Bachira is Ronaldinho on crack lmao

so just normal Ronaldinho

ロナウジーニョがあのJoga Bonitoの動画でやったのと同じことを蜂楽はやってのけた。あの動きはまさにここからもってきたものだったな(笑)

Bachira did the same move Ronaldinho did in his famous joga bonito video, they just took the move from it lol.


Also the ones he displayed in the Brazil vs Portugal Nike commercial.

Bachira's "monster" is definitely Brazilian. That Elastica could have been animated better tho.

Seeing Kuon at the end there looking panicked. Serves you right you bastard. Bet he's thinking about how weird that Team Z is suddenly actually trying to pull their ass through the match.

The little rat bastard thought he was gonna coast to the top anyways. I hope he gets eliminated for good. Fuck that guy.

I love that Ego called him out last episode. Yeah it might have worked system wise, but it doesn't make sense in the real world.

In the end it’s basically like cheating on your exams.
It’ll help you progress in the short run on paper, but you’re fucked in the long run. Everyone’s improving and surpassing their limits while Kuon’s just in the corner cowardly trying to betray his team. He thought his team wasn’t good enough for him but slowly it’s becoming apparent that it’s quite the opposite

The animation is much better in this episode, especially the bachira goal. Next epsiode probably will finish the first selection and the true fun begins.

Damn Bachira, what a badass. The answer is easy, just be better and score.

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Also wasn't what reo did red card worthy?

Intentional attack without ball is always a red card. But BL seems to be bit more lax and even not calling out some rough plays that would IRL warrant a yellow card or at the very least an interruption.

Same with offside rules we are here to see them spicy plays not Bachira getting fouled and stopping constantly when he trying to go in like Messi

he's much more dinho or neymar than messi lmao

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Bachira continues to be my favorite on the team, but they are all great. I can't wait for Sharkteeth Stalker Kun to finally get a chance to shine as well as the others. Princess imitating Ego was amazing!

・厳密にはまだ10 vs 11で戦ってるんだよな(笑)
I forgot theyre technically still playing 10v11 lol. Wonder why team v isnt absuing that weakness

If it was a regular match with regular defenders, midfielders and goalkeepers, it would be a huge weakness. But in a team where everyone is a striker trying to flex into other roles, it's a lot harder to exploit weaknesses and gaps in team compositions.


Man this episode was hype
I've been watching clips of Japan's scores with spain and it is cool how people are drawing similarity (even I'm feeling hype for it a bit)
But this episode was something else the way their weapons have evolved to get ahead its actually intoxicating to see
Just one more score and it has to be Isagi to do it


Another Dragon Ball reference today, lmao

Bocchi and Bluelock with the one-two punch

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what's the reference?

The assistant who was about to call ascending "turning Super Saiyan"

ascending=上昇する ※ここでは話の流れ的に「覚醒」と訳しました。

あー字幕では「turning super sai-」としか言ってなかったから気づかなかった。
ah subtitles only said "turning super sai-" so I didn't catch it


chigiri and bachira are my favorite. cant wait for next episode though.

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no one is talking about gagamaru’s scorpian kick that was badass

Bachira has the best ball handling skills on Team Z and his goal was able to rally Team Z out of a three goal deficit to tie things up. Will Isagi score the game winning goal as time runs out?
RIP to Team USA being knocked out of the Round of 16 and I'm pulling for Japan to advance to the quarterfinals by beating Croatia.

That is some skills episode. I liked how Higuita's scorpion kick made an appearance in this anime