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Please ignore the fact that that boy was sleeping with an old man

I'm just imagining Cherry went along with it for the free food, even if it was intended for an animal lol.

I love how Lum's swimsuit has more covering than her regular outfit lol.

I really hope this adaption means we'll one day get a Ranma remake (and it MUST HAVE YAPAPA!!)

I died when Shinobu held that deck chair with some guy still clinging to it over her head.

She started by throwing desks and the occasional cartoon mallet around. Now she's hefting people as if they were nothing. Where?! WHERE WILL IT END?!

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So that unknown creature has just been living at the bottom of the pool all this time, and no one's noticed it until now? ;
I love how the creature was just guilt tripping everyone throughout that beach trip.

guilt trip A=Aに罪悪感を抱かせる

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I just love how he just casually went out of the pool and freaked people out. Like has he been doing that consistently lol?
I like how he was probably the nicest character in the whole show up to this point but couldn't help but guilt trip them about throwing him away lol.

In his defense, he was legit about to go back to a life of solitude

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When the boy was talking about having to throw his pet too, I was expecting another pool demon, so it sure was surprising that he was taking care of Cherry.
Well, it is nice to know that the pool demon is now happily living with him, and it is now named Pochi.

The pool demon is adorable and hilarious at the same time. Hope he comes back in other episodes.

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Super fun episode. I'm glad we got a happy ending for the sea youkai.
Also fun fact: We got Inuyasha voice actors this episode! (Kohaku, Inuyasha and Kagome). Would be so cool if the other Takahashi couples get to voice a random couple in UY lol.

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It's always weird seeing Sakura and Tsubame together because in the manga and OG anime, their character designs ended up being identical to Kyoko and Godai in Maison Ikkoku.

Alot of Takahashi's character designs look identical - cf Lum & Shampoo, Akemi & Female Ranma, etc.

Sakura sure can eat a lot! My theory is that being a priestess just takes that energy out of you. Also what the heck was that kid doing taking care of an old man for at least a month?? He sure is caring.


Ngl I didn't expect this story to be adapted back when the Remake was announced. But now I think I'm glad it was though cause this episode was great.

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I liked the small additions this episode made. It added some content from other chapters too I think. The underwater speech bubble joke was great. Mendo's VA Mamoru Miyano sounds like his OG VA Akira Kamiya now.
With that all outta the way, the next episode will have RAN's debut! Let's gooooo. Ran was easily the character I anticipated the most in this Remake. And with her being voiced by Kana Hanazawa this is going to be a treat for sure.

Poor Poochi At least the youkai has a new home

Curious whether will we see the demon again though because he's quite the funny one.

The sea creature (NOT a demon !) appears I think another couple times in the manga


The original VA for the sea demon had a much more irritating voice - real conman/soap story stuff. The new VA was almost too nice.

soap storyがよくわからなかったのでカットしました。メロドラマのストーリーって意味かと思ったけど、ここの訳には合わない気がしたので。

Apparently the Pool Goblin was voiced by a Japanese comedian.

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Lol that sea yokai, but the kid made a good exchange in the end that was funny I really expected something tragic but the old man was in the cardboard box xD

I was sure that pochi wasn't a dog but I wasn't expecting Cherry to pop up.

The brilliant twist of Pochi and just not seeing the ending coming but was hilariously fantastic as usual.

I felt bad for Pochi at the start of the ep, glad he found a home :D

The cutest episode ever ❤️