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Didn't expect the adaptation to be this good wtf

Ikr?! Bachira's footwork was so mesmerising this episode!
Can't wait for more of this every week.

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Teieri Anri = Thierry Henry Reference caught my eye immediately

Glad I wasn't the only one to notice that

Damn it's insane to think that MC team is dead last just imagine how insane the top 3 team players are then literal monsters i assume.
It's got an good hook of climbing up the ranks to the peak and the animation is pretty insane too.

I like how they represented the "insanity" of the players with "monsters" that guide them, looks really dope.

Bachira's monster has better CGI than Chainsawman

・吉良が壊れた💀なんだあの顔は🤣次回はチームZ vs チームXだ、楽しみ!
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Kira went crazy💀 wth was that face🤣,Next week its team Z vs team X cant wait!

I thought Kira's expressions were terrible in the manga, but they're even worse in the anime.
Also, the animation and soundtracks are amazing.

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Did they change sae team from real Madrid to royal?

Just like Ao Ashi, its probably a rights thing. Works in manga, but not allowed in anime? Ao Ashi changed players name compared to the manga.

The German subtitles kept it as Real so I'd assume it's not a rights thing. Maybe the people involved in the translation just don't know too much about the sport.

Real is just Royal in spanish. They should have known better, but it's not entirely wrong.

isn't it real ? without madrid.

Yeah but the subs said royal where I watched it

That, or maybe some idiot who doesn't know how to do a football translated Real to Royale

Certainly sounded like Real. Didn't check any other language subs though.

In spanish sub they said real madrid.


I really really wonder why Zlatan Ibrahimovic is not at all being used as an example, he's such a perfect fit for this.

Probably because Sweden actually did better without Zlatan in the last world cup lol

Probably because he's really not THAT good in comparison to the actual GOAT strikers. Still really good of course and has some insane goals, but he was never the tier of the tippy top guys outside of being in a certain "form" now and then.


Man this show is gold, I could practically hear Skillet singing over Bachira here. Can't wait for all the AMVs when we have enough content.

This anime really set a high power level. With people like Bachira and the other guys being better than the protag still at the bottom, it’s hard to imagine how people are at the top.
Especially at the top 10. Almost thinking they’re superhuman or something.


bachira is so cute <333

I find the whole "better teams get better food and training" thing pretty interesting. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be social commentary or not, but it really goes against the idea of this being an equal and meritocratic system. Those at the top are inherently at more of an advantage just by being at the top. Which is accurate to real life but goes against the idea of pure merit.
It'd be interesting not see if Ego is aware of this contradiction or not

The food and training thing actually happens for real, at least in China. My friend went to China to train at a sports university, and every athlete is ranked. The top performers live on the top floor and have access to the best amnesties, while the worst performers are on the bottom floor. 1st floor athletes are only given rice, vegetables, and tofu, while the 3rd floor athletes get actual meat. Also 3rd floor athletes get regular massages after training too.
You can go out and buy your own food with your own money, but a lot of the students there were poor and scouted from rural areas, so they were dependent on what their school offered them.

一応誤訳の可能性があるかもしれないところ、「have access to the best amnesties」を「悪いことをしても最大限見過ごしてもらえる」と訳しましたが「amnesty」はググっても和英辞典だと「恩赦、大赦」しかヒットせず英英辞典に「to overlook or forget (an offence) 」とあったので上のように訳しました(間違っていたら中国スポーツ界の名誉にも関わるので触れておきましたw)。


It's for instilling the idea for the blue lockers to get better if they want better environment. Something along the lines of "If you wanna eat better food, then work harder".
Blue lock project is never about meritocratic system anyway, it's about "fight if you want to survive".

Right but what I'm saying is that's not the best way to go about creating the best possible player. If you're giving preferential training to some, you're underdeveloping others. So I'm unsure if the series will acknowledge this.

I really hope people won't have a problem with suspending their disbelief a little bit.
As a huge fan of Kuroko no Basket, it pains me that some viewers take these kind of anime way too seriously and just complain about every single detail.
If you like realistic sports anime, that's totally fine. But hopefully there won't be as much shitting on Blue Lock as it was on Kuroko. Which in my opinion is still one of the best sports anime. I feel like combining sports with crazy anime shenanigans is what makes it unique and fun.
It's also what got me into anime.

Team with 11 forwards, so like total football? But that would need great teamwork coordination, which is not quite what Blue Lock trying to drill into the players. I'm confused.

You’ll understand what they’re tryna do when the match starts don’t worry

They keep name dropping Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar… ironically none of them have won a World Cup.

Man, I like Anri! She has a vision to see Japan win the World Cup and acts on it. Compared to the other JFA execs who only care about money, she’s doing this because she’s passionate about the sport. Yeah, her Blue Lock project is crazy but she’s exactly the type of person you need in a sports organization.

Probably, but ruining others' career is just too much. Irl they would get lawsuits for that.

They already got the permission though, it was mentioned in the latter part of this episode

The cgi monster was so clean and good looking wtf, this show must have a crazy budget

Why is this blue lock project only to find the top 1 player and not the top 11 players? Surely a better team would consist of 11 mentally ill top tier strikers and not one super star along with 10 good players?
Or that's the idea I got from this episode anyways...

because the Japanese team already have good midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers, they only lack a groundbreaking striker

If this is purposed to be based on events of WC18 where they blew a 2-goal lead to Belgium, I won't trust that Defence and maybe the Midfield in another World cup.



This is where Haaland came from i swear


Good episode, very accurate to the manga. I'm impressed!

Anime like this make me want and wonder why they don't release new episode every day!

I freaking love this show so much



お楽 しみに!!