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I'm really glad that they didn't try to update the setting of the series by making it 2022 and keeping it as taking place in the 1970-80s. The humor and story beats were all a huge nostalgia trip for me. You don't get series like these anymore.

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Oh yeah, the old school phones were kind of a dead giveaway. I guess I'm kind of used to them just adapting the setting and everyone has smartphones lol.


I didn't think the old phones looked out of place at all...
I am so old...

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Well he does have a smartphone in the OP and is swiping on Tinder but maybe that is just the OP and wont be in the show.

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Near the end of the OP we see Ataru waking up, implying that everything that came before was a dream he was having, including the existence of smartphones and Tinder. After he awakes you can see a boombox and what looks like a K7 tape in his room, basically confirming that the actual show is still in the past.

boomboxはラジカセと訳しました。K7 tapeはググるとなぜか検索結果が「cassette tape」しか表示されないズンドコベロンチョなみに意味不明な言葉だったのですが、下の人がその謎を解明してくれました。

Fun fact, K7 is just the French abbreviation for cassette. K = "ka", 7 = "sept" (pronounced "set").

We also use K7 here in Brazil because of the same logic. Sete = 7 in Portuguese

Nice! TIL

TIL=Today I Learned=今日はじめて知った

Thanks David Production for bringing this masterpiece in to the modern day. And also thanks for bringing back the OG waifu Lum.

And they animate her so well! Not to mention Sumire Uesaka's performance.

sumippe is STELLAR. i was so excited to hear her rendition, and she did such a good job TuT

ステラ(stellar)=素晴らしい 輝かしい

So weird to hear Hiroshi Kamiya shouting Shinobu in an entirely different context.

Different Shinobu comes with a different Maaya.


Lol I know! I couldn't help but chuckle at that.

It's surreal for me to have Hiroshi Kamiya play a love interest for Maaya Uchida lol.

Wasnt that the case in Noragami? Yato and Hiyori

I grew up with this anime, what a blast from the past. I love how they kept the retro Rumiko Takahashi classic looks yet updating the color palette to the modern era.
Man, I love Lum's hair! I don't know what it is, but her hair colour looks SO nice! I think it's how her hair has different colours throughout and not just the same colour throughout the length of the hair, makes it seem like there's a gradient of colours especially when in motion. She's the only one that gets this special hair treatment too, everyone else is just normal same colour hair throughout.
That hair colour is gonna keep me coming back week after week.

That's how Rumiko designed her in the original manga. She's supposed to have prismatic hair.


I love comedies where everyone is a jackass. this is gonna be good

That was an amazing first episode, I love this new Lum girl already she really reminds me of Zero Two! /s
I've only watched the Beautiful Dreamer movie before this and I really enjoyed that, especially for its time, but the production on this seems insane, I can't believe we're getting like 46 episodes of this quality. Though one day I do wanna go back and watch all of the original series.


UY BD is the best content from UY from that era, imo. However, it does require knowledge of the characters and it strays very far from the tone of the rest of the series. Beautiful Dreamer is a great entry into Oshii Mamoru's works and you can see the Oshii creative influence connecting Beautiful Dreamer to Ghost in the Shell.

2019年1月、アングレーム国際漫画祭において高橋はグランプリを獲得した。これは女性として、そして漫画家(manga artist)として2人目の受賞だった。
It's hard to state how influential Takahashi Rumiko is and how influential this work has been to all manga and anime since. Lum was ubiquitous in the 80s. She was best girl for almost everyone for a decade or more.
In January 2019, Takahashi won the Grand Prix de la ville d'Angoulême, becoming the second woman and second manga artist to win the award at the Angoulême International Comics Festival.
Lum's influence as a character- both as she is consider the ur-tsundere AND the ur-moeh character - is hard to overstate.
It's wonderful to see such a pretty remake in 2022. Thank you Takahashi Rumiko and David Production.
Lum best girl forever!


Lum is not tsundere!

ソース:Source: Galbraith, Patrick W. (2009). The Otaku Encyclopedia: An Insider's Guide to the Subculture of Cool Japan. Kodansha International. pp. 76–77. ISBN 978-4-7700-3101-3.
"Comiket organiser Ichikawa Koichi has described Lum Invader as being both the source of moe and the first tsundere"
Source: Galbraith, Patrick W. (2009). The Otaku Encyclopedia: An Insider's Guide to the Subculture of Cool Japan. Kodansha International. pp. 76–77. ISBN 978-4-7700-3101-3.



I would say that she's more like a proto-tsundere.
First "proper" Tsundere in my opinion was Akane from Ranma 1/2, also a Takahashi Rumiko work.

Fair assessment. Either way, it was Takahashi who popularized the trope widely with Lum and Akane.

最近ではみんな固定電話とかほとんど使わなくなったな、あとあたるの部屋にあったテープレコーダーはSanyo MR-WU4に似ている。

The anime is set in the 80s, just like in the original.
People rarely use landlines these days, and the tape recorder in Ataru’s room looks like Sanyo MR-WU4 (https://youtu.be/aRVXVZ7FMm0). The TV is obviously CRT, and the vending machine that appears in the beginning is also from the 80s (https://imgur.com/a/AocPNQc).
This was expected, but may be tricky. Since Urusei Yatsuka is a comedy, some of the jokes that were OK back then are outdated or inappropriate today. How the production team is going to deal with stuff like this, yet keeping the 80s vibes and relevance in airing such a classic 40 years later is something to watch for.

I hope they keep most things same, it's honestly refreshing to see this and I loved first episode so much

I've already seen people complaining about "censorship" because we didn't get full topless Lum on display like the manga/original anime


It's absolutely bizarre to see this series with modern art while keeping the old-fashioned sense of humor. But honestly it works for me.
Because Lum is unbelievably hot.

Hiroshi Kamiya as Ataru is perfect casting. As soon as Ataru started talking, my first reaction was "it's like he was born to play this role" which isn't surprising since this isn't the first time Hiroshi Kamiya has played the role of horny teenage boy.

Seeing a revolutionary Anime from the 80s being remade into this gorgeous series is pretty insane. DavidPro is really passionate about this it seems
Definitely captures the campy and Rumiko Takahashi's signature humour back then.

Need Kimagure Orange Road next

Ayukawa was my first crush.

Don't Toy With Me, Miss Lum

Sumippe has moved on from "Senpaaiiiii" to "Dahling" lol.