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The effects of his signing that ridiculous contract are finally beginning to show. It's going to be difficult if the owner continues fixing the game rates so that he loses half of his contract for every run. However, if Toua's planning what I think he is with the wall collisions, it'll be so badass that nothing else will really matter.
On a completely unrelated note, that drunk announcer was one of the best sight gags I've seen in a long time.

haha totally agree. He looks so ridiculours.

Intense episode and nice gags,but there was to much explanation >.<

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Too bad the episode ended just when the pace was picking up. The math is ridiculous, the players are not robots that always run/throw balls at the same speed. However the gags were awesome, I lol'd at the coach signaling to Tokuchi.
How many episodes is this supposed to be?

no one knows yet, I think we'll find out by January but definitely not 13.

それはさておき、なかなか良いエピソードだったな。ちょっとホームスチールについての説明が長すぎたかもしれないが、それを除けば渡久地 vs 城丘/ジョンソンは以前の渡久地 vs 高見/マリナーズぐらい見てて楽しい。
There were indeed a surprising amount of visual gags. Even the facial expressions of the players were quite amusing. Putting that aside, this was a pretty great episode. Maybe a bit too much time explaining the home stealing situation, but other than that the whole Tokuchi vs. Shirooka/Johnson battle has become as fun to watch as the Tokuchi vs. Takami/Mariners battle before it.

I have to say my brain started to hurt a little from all the explanation, especially since I know nothing about the game, but it was all still interesting. I'll admit though that this battle is not as epic as the one verse Takami/Mariners..... yet! :)

I'm totally addicted to this series. Toua is easily the best male lead this season imo.


This shows is getting better with every single episode. Only 11 episodes so far, but for me it's the best anime I've ever seen.

GREAT episode! Definitely intense! And Johnson seems like an awesome rival! Fastest man in the world, huh? For 30 meters I guess :3. Tokuchi's first run given up! THAT was exciting -- and he's not like "oh, I'm going to make it not count with a ridiculous-up-my-butt baseball rule". He's going to have to earn it all back!
Definitely loved this one.

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Johnson running into the wall was great, but at that speed, it must hurt <_<

・クソ笑ったwwwww2.63秒 vs 2.60秒の戦い。毎回プレイするたびに時間は全く同じなになるのか?(>∀<)
rofl, 2.63 seconds vs 2.60 seconds. That is the exact time it will take every single play? XD
Whatever. I hope Toua gets Johnson to kill himself by running into a pole. That would be hilarious.

plus the fact that umpires are humans and often don't get the calls completely right is ignored. with something as close as .03 seconds, there would be about a 50% chance the umpire would say he was out.
oh well, i have no problem suspending some disbelief for this show.

不信の停止(ふしんのていし)または積極的な不信の停止(英語 willing suspension of disbelief)[1]とは人が作り話を鑑賞するとき、懐疑心を抑制し、それが現実ではないことを忘れ、創作された世界に入り込む様子を指す。

I agree, it's better to just roll with it and enjoy, for now.
This is another perfect instance, however, where they should have just changed the numbers a little bit to add believability. I can't believe a .03 second difference, but I can easily believe a .5 or even .3 second difference in pro baseball.

Great episode! They manage to keep every episode intense like they did in Akagi and Kaiji, sugooooi.

Toua's calculations and explanations really do make sense. I'm guessing Johnson's gonna be defeated by Toua in the next ep.




Lol that shout Johnson makes whenever he's about to do something is funny.

I actually liked the explanation. Cleared up why nobody can seem to get this guy out. Also, I hope Toua keeps making that guy smack into the wall. I laughed the first time. xD

Toua again. He has a strategie for Johnson's steals and defenses already. What a beast.
Only 1.2 billion now though...
Next episode is gonna be epic *.*

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I found it amusing when he slammed into the wall xD Not sure why he was smiling so smugly after that.


Awesome anime. At first I was a bit skeptical because of the baseball theme but after seeing it, it actually goes much, much farther then simple baseball.

This episode cemented my theory that Tokuchi's favorite strategy is flubbing things up and giving the other team false hope so they crash and burn in the end.

I wonder what Johnson's weakness is....