Personally, I don't use it. How about you? did you use the 3 episode rule?



I don't use the 3 episode rule, the 3 episode rule is a terrible rule imo.

I try to but there has been some shows that I just couldn’t stand after one episode, and there’s also some shows that take me a while to drop because I hold off in case it gets better (most of the time it doesn’t though, at least from my experience)

no I never use it
I drop whenever I feel like it


No I don't drop stuff often and 3 episodes is too early to form a solid opinion.

There are no rules during watching anime. I do whatever I feel like

No, I'm not.
I don't even drop anime.

Never did because i think that it is a very robotic type of thing to do
It is like instead of actually interpreting the anime, you are trying to find faults within the first 3 episodes of the anime
At least that's what I think


Nah, i have a bit of a completionism problem, so i very rarely drop shows to begin with.
Though if i had no reservations about dropping shows regularly, then i would do so only when i feel like i can't stand it anymore (whether that happens in Ep. 2 or 20); rather than by following some arbitrary rule.
Tbh, the rule itself seems kinda dumb to me, since it assumes that all shows follow the exact same structure of pacing and progression, which is obviously not true.


Not really a rule that I follow, but I usually wait until episode 5 or 6, that's like 2 hours, not a lot of commitment for the chance of finding a slow burner.

スローバーナー(slow burner)=人気が出るのが遅いもの

Never really considered it, plus I don't drop shows that often and if I do it's mostly on the very first episode itself.

Depends on my mood. This season, the only anime I used the 3 episode rule and dropped was Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shoujo. I was so disinterested in anime on summer that I used the 5 minute rule.
I think one episode is enough to give a good impression, so if the anime is not impressive after 3 episodes than it's better drop.

I am using the 10 minute rule. If it doesn't hook me by then I am out!

No, if I did, I would've dropped Gintama, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, Vinland Saga, San-Gatsu no Lion, etc. I'll never use the 3 episode rule cause I don't plan on dropping any anime.
I usually say to people watch at least 4 episodes instead of three. Take Vinland Saga and Attack on Titan for example.

Because you don't get the full opinion of a show based on 3 episodes. Now you can drop it if you want but when it comes to discussion of the show, don't get involved if your experience is that limited.

No, one episode is fine. The first episode must hook viewers in, so it can't be so much worse than the rest.
And the more time you spend on an anime you know you don't like, the less time you'll have to check out something else that has better odds of becoming your new favorite.

Nope, never used it. If I had used it, Hitman reborn would've never been my fav anime lol

I never drop anyway but when I watch the first episode I usually know what I'm getting into...

There's no way of knowing if the anime is good after just 3 episodes. Except if the anime happens to be 3 episodes.

for me if it's a 12 or 25 episode show ill usually watch all of it or drop it once i saw episode 1. episode 1 nowadays tells a lot and is often enough to decide.

3 Episodes yes, but not drop, instead On Hold, to pick it up later...

yes, sometimes even lesser than 3 episodes


Nah my ADHD wont let me go for that long

I use the drop-whenever-I-want rule.








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