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What an emotional episode with a very good ending.
Double Jet, ummmm... Twin Turbo did a great job showing her effort and helps to bring Teio back. With encouragement from everyone, I hope she will back to the racetrack very soon.
Whatever her position will be in the race, everyone just wants to see Teio back to race again.

Probably my favorite episode...very emoptional and heartwarming...Kita-chan is the initiator of her comeback. (S3 with her and Dia-chan???)
In the end it is all the fans who support you and you cannot let them down. Glad she came back...
But really Turbo beating Rice is probably one of the biggest upsets...same level as Rice winning agains McQueen

Honestly happy to hear Teio wants to race again, I don't think she will win, but as long as she can participate, her fans will be happy!

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And here I thought last week was rough, this was especially hard to watch with Teio on the verge of announcing her retirement. Teio rejecting the cute horse loli's charm was brutal.
But seeing Twin Turbo give her all and the super cute horse loli cheer on Teio with her handmade charm, even seeing the manager tear up over his drink was all so emotional and heartwarming. This show just continues to surprise me with how good it is.
Twin Turbo's passion and desire to see Teio make a comeback was especially nice to see considering she's been more or less comedic relief most of the season.
3 episodes should be just enough time for Teio to make her return.
I do want to address one thing though, are they ever going to tell us the significance of the horse girl with glasses that we see in the OP? We've seen her speak once and that's it. Maybe she'll be a formidable for in the final race?
Regardless, hoping this final stretch is an inspiring one!

I don't like Teiou at all, loved Twin Turbo giving her best and proving her worth against the one who completely defeated Teiou's rival, Team Canopus enjoyable as always.

It was a really emotional episode. Kitasan Black was adorable, she even made a good luck charm for Teio. Twin Turbo was great as well. Seeing Teio cry at the end made me sad and happy at the same time, I'm glad she decided to run again.






They keep exceeding my expectations!! That was an amazing episode!
We get to finally see Twin Turbo’s two best races.
The first race is the 93 Tanabata Sho This race is famous for the strange commentary made by the commentator when Turbo wins “Howl Twin Turbo!” In this race at the 1000 meter point (the race is 2000 meters) the time is 57 seconds which is the same high pace as Silence Suzuka or a sprint race.
The second race is the 93 All comers This was a race against Rice Shower who had just defeated McQueen at the Spring Tennosho so no one expected Turbo to win.
Turbo is a front runner but unlike normal front runners which try to control the race pace as slow as possible to be able to save enough stamina to outrun the rest in the last stretch, Turbo would try to run at full speed from beginning till the end. This was due to Turbo being a very cowardly horse disliking being surrounded by other horses.
Naturally though most of the time Turbo will run out of stamina near the last corner and get outrun by everyone else. However, in some cases like these two races Turbo’s high pace would mess with the other horses paces making them waste stamina and thus allowing Turbo to outrun them.

I was wondering how Turbo was going to be part of the story but they used Turbo’s best races perfectly to match the story!

Twin Turbo is coming to the game tomorrow (as a support card) and I’m sure after this episode a lot of people including me will be trying to get her. Bourbon is also coming so my wallet my be in a bit of a pinch. Cygames really knows how to make money lol.

front runner=素直にに訳すと「先行馬」ってなりそうなんだけど、調べたら「先行馬」と「逃げ馬」は意味が違うようなのでここでは「逃げ馬」と訳しました。

Twin Turbo is thin and small, so that the only choice for it is to be a front runner, otherwise it has no competitive edge in acceleration compared to its strong opponents.
Rice Shower did well in long distance races over 3000m, however it wasn't good at races less than 3000m. That was one of the significant reason that no buyers accepted Rice as a stallion.

stallion=種牡馬 ※ダービースタリオンのスタリオンって子供の頃からなんなのかよくわからないまま特に調べもせず放置してたけどこれのことだったのか

You go Double Jet!

One of my favourite running gags of this series.

I'm not sure how the studio is doing it but somehow they transformed a quite simple and generic CGDCT into one of the best drama shows I've watched in recent times. In a season absolutely stacked with amazing shows, I've nothing but praise for this one that already outrunned some of my most awaited ones.

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This show has now managed to make me cry in three episodes in a row which I don't think even Clannad was able to do to me! Although compared to the last two episodes, with Rice Shower's episode being bittersweet tears and last week's episode was just despair, this week was all about tears of joy. Seriously, I started tearing up when Kita-chan and everyone else in the audience was cheering Teio on to keep on racing.It was full on waterworks though when Team Canopus hijacked the stage and showed live feed from Twin Turbo's race doing what Teio said was impossible and winning the race to show what happens when you don't give up. Also the insert song from Teio that was playing the background was just perfect.
And oh my heart! Tokai Teio is finally ready to try again and I can't be any happier! I'm so excited to see her back on the track next week!
As a side note: Team Canopus' Trainer is a champ for coming up with a plan to show Teio Twin Turbo's race, although how can you refuse this face? And unrelated to everything else in the episode but I was so happy to see Urara in the background. I've really enjoyed all of the interactions with her in the game.

Poor Meisho Doto...
And it's quite surprising to see such a serious Gold Ship, she is quite cool.

Yep you know shit's serious when even Gold Ship can't crack a joke.

Its been a loooong time since an anime brought me this close to crying. When Kitasan Black showed up at the farewell live, and then when Turbo gave it her all.
Damn Uma Musume, why do you have to be this good.

This one actually got me. I never would have expected an anime about a gacha game about horse racing would be the one to open the waterworks, but here we are.

No cap, I shed a tear or two

No cap=(信じがたいことが起きたときに使われる)マジで 本当に

So at first the crying ratio was once in every three episodes, now it is once per episode. What’s next, Oikawa-kantoku and cygames writers, twice, three times per episode?
My only complaint is that Teiou was kinda forced into coming back by everybody. We didn’t see her coming to a new realization herself, she just couldn’t refuse, but without her own resolve she won’t make a true comeback. Hopefully it’ll still happen, because so far the show has been incredible at portraying her inner turmoil.
Or I am just stupid and this realization came to her while she was watching Twin Turbo’s triumph, it just wasn’t telegraphed directly this time.


She acknowledged at the start of the show she didnt want to stop racing but her injuries had forced her to stop. I think it's kind of fitting all her supporters gave her the push she needed to try once more. Sometimes its what you need to try again

A lot of focus on Twin Turbo today. I totally didn't expect her character to be like this.
Anyway guess what, she is getting released in 10 hours in the game (as a support for now unfortunately). They planned everything all along lmao.

This has to be my favorite episode so far. Initially I really didn't like how this season was straying away from the two main chracters of the first season, but after accepting that this season would be about Teio and Mqueen I've been liking it a lot more.

I think they're doing pair stories per season. If we get a Season 3, it's high likely going to be about Vodka and Scarlet's rivalry.

I want a spin off featuring Gold Ship and only her antics.

antics=悪ふざけ ※以前の記事でゴールドシップの悪ふざけを「shenanigans」と訳したレスがあったけど、前者が「おどけた仕草」「馬鹿な振る舞い」というニュアンスが強いのに対し、後者は「いたずら」「ごまかし」「不正行為」とネガティブなニュアンスが強かった。



まあ彼女はYou Tubeのチャンネルを持っていてそこでVtuberとして活躍してるよ!これはスピンオフにカウントしていいのかな?

Well she does have a YouTube channel where she gets to be a Vtuber! I guess that counts?


Double Jet is so cute


Never thought Uma Musume would get so emontional. More people should watch.

Dont give up Teiou 💗💗

I usually lurk, but just wanted to say I love this show so much. Every episode continues to one up the previous one and I'm blown away at how incredible and emotional season 2 has been so far.
I cry every ep.
Rice Shower best girl.


lurk=人目を避けて行動する コソコソ動く ※ネット用語としては日本のROM(Read Only Member)みたいな意味。この言葉も最近聞かなくなったけど海外の反応長くやってる自分も「lurk」なんて言葉初めて聞いたからちょうどいい感じでこの単語(lurk)も死語になりつつあるのかも?

Double Jet MVP

Dude.......dude i almost cried at the turbo race at the end, fuck, i don't care what people say, for me this was the second best episode in this season of uma musume.

Fantastic episode like always. That whole ending scene was really emotional and I'm really hoping Teio doesn't break her leg again. The insert song at the beginning was nice too.

At the beginning of the season, I was, who is this spirited blue-haired uma musume? I like her. And that uma musume was Twin Turbo.
Twin Turbo did her best with her unconventional running form, showing that she really have turbo.

5/5 とても良いエピソードだった。
Holy shit I already was on the verge of tearing up when she rejected Kita-chan in the middle but the fan festival part really got me good.
5/5 very good episode

Twin Turbo made me cry, attagirl. She made her message loud and clear. Also I'm glad Teio didn't quit. This episode was quite emotional.

attagirl=お見事 あっぱれ よくやった ※男性に使うときはattaboy

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Twin Turbo's tactic of going full speed early amd praying the lead is big enough in the end is kinda hilarious and she even beat Rice Shower with it. She essentially collapsed over the finish line for the win, i laughed.
Btw Tracen Academy holding their fan festival on the same day and time as a race happens is questionable but whatever 🤣
Apart from that another emotional and rather sad-ish episode.

rather sad-ishがよくわからなかったけどとりあえず「ちょっとだけ悲しい」と訳しました。

probably one of if not the best episode of winter 2021 anime

・泣かないようにしてたんだが・・・だめだった・・・XD :'(
I tried not to cry... I failed... XD :'(