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wow,Tokuchi never stop impressing me.

Good ending, I was waiting to see Tokuchi act on his claim and he didn't disappoint. Tokuchi has a way with the human mind indeed.

have a way with A=Aを扱うのがうまい Aの扱い方を心得ている

kinda predictable, but entertaining

Yeah, subs say 2.1 billion and not 21. But that's still 23 million American dollars. For some real perspective, nearly 3 million is the average American major league salary (for Yankees, twice that). Pettitte, the highest paid pitcher for the Yankees this year, makes 16 million.
And I have a feeling Toua's just going to make more.

最初の部分は、その前に210億か21億かでちょっとスレが揉めていたので・・・英語だと21億は21 billionではなく2.1 billionなのでちょっとわかりにくいのかも。


Awesome! Tokuchi ends up winning a shit ton of money from that match.



A solid episode with the Akagi-esque turnabout that I come to know and love.
To put things in perspective, the Yankees just threw down this week the largest contract for a pitcher ever just recently by signing on C.C. Sabathia. 7 years, 161 million dollars. That's $23 million dollars a year right there. An eerie coincidence? I'd say so.
So at this very moment in the series, Toua is making the most ever even an American pitcher on a top flight team with a platinum budget is making. Sure there's no multi-year guarantee, but it can only go crazier from here.
I can only wonder if there will be a twist in the end that Toua will somehow zero out the contract on his own accord and fade into the sunset. This is totally conjecture, there's no looking into it more than that.

What. There's no way a rule like that exists. Until someone shows me sauce, I'm calling bullshit.



ルール10.03e (2)
Those rules actually do exist.
In MLB Official Rules, which Japan Baseball rules are more or less adapted from:
Rule 2 (definitions)
A FORFEITED GAME is a game declared ended by the umpire-in-chief in favor of
the offended team by the score of 9 to 0, for violation of the rules.
Rule 10.03e (2)
If a regulation game is forfeited, the official scorer shall include the record of
all individual and team actions up to the time of forfeit. If the winning team by
forfeit is ahead at the time of forfeit, the official scorer shall enter as winning
and losing pitchers the players who would have qualified as the winning and
losing pitchers if the game had been called at the time of forfeit. If the winning
team by forfeit is behind or if the score is tied at the time of forfeit, the official
scorer shall not enter a winning or losing pitcher. If a game is forfeited before
it becomes a regulation game, the official scorer shall include no records and
shall report only the fact of the forfeit.


Seems like the best strategy for the manager at this point would be hiring an expert on the rules of baseball... or at least reading the rules himself. Some of these official rules are downright bureaucratic. :-P
Good episode, overall. The previous two have started to turn this series around.


Wow. That's crazy. A rule like that actually exists? The writers of One Outs really must have done their homework.

Well Toua seemed so confident, that he wouldn't pay a penny while in return getting paid for the game, that I knew some loop hole would come into play. But that still didn't make it any less awesome!!!

Episode 9 is too much of a stretch for me. I can buy the super devil akuma main character with powerful mind reading, social anthropology skills, and amazing mental psychological knowledge.
But having a talk with the enemy manager to forfeit a game while the game is on while lots of baseball fans are watching is a little too far fetch to me.

super devil akumaってなんだよwって思ったのでそのまま訳しました。あと社会人類学のスキルのところもよくわからなかったのですがここはそのまま直訳です。

It's really not hard to believe. It's not so much that he forced the manager to forfeit the game, but he played him to do it. The manager knew, and you could clearly see it, that the two pitchers had no respect for the managers decisions because of his seemingful lack of care for them. It's a proffessional game, it's their income, and he was getting them to throw it down the pan to try and win. Either way, he was going to loose that game, but the choice he had was to loose respect of 2 players, maybe more, or accept the face he'd been had. Either way he'd pay for it, because reputation plays alot in sport, if you have a reputation to fucking people over, whose going to give you the chance of doing it to them?


Nicely executed. As expected from the creators of Kaiji and Akagi.



4.15 以下の場合、試合は相手チームに没収される場合がある。
Too bad those umpires don't know all the rules. You can disqualify a team for purposefully elongating the game.
4.15 A game may be forfeited to the opposing team when a team—
(b) Employs tactics palpably designed to delay or shorten the game;

Kojima did though. He mentions that in episode 8.



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Yamero! Yameroooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!" ROFL! ^^

This show is really interesting but still when I compare "Kaiji" with "Akagi" and "one outs", "Kaiji" scores better. "Kaiji" allowed the main character to lose at times so the cliffhangers were more interesting in comparison to "Akagi" and "One Outs". However, "Akagi" and "One Outs" give you the pleasure of winning all the time :D

I laughed so hard when I saw that owner's face.Toua is a genius.


Toua is going to bankrupt that old asshole lol

bankrupt A=Aを破産させる

そういえば以前、「ハコワレ(天上不知唯我独損)」の英訳ってどうなってんだ?と思い調べたことがあったんだけど「Bankruptcy, Chapter Seven」って超訳してたw

Chapter Sevenってのはたぶんこれのことだと思う

・東亜はまさに歩く野球辞典だな >,<
Toua is like a walking baseball encyclopedia. >,<

Toua's brilliant mind fuckery is seriously something else. This is the hardest I've laughed watching an anime in a while, especially when the owner was freaking out at the TV.

Tokuchi>Light Yagami

this shits incredible. toua is the man.

the man=「その男」という意味ではなく「すごい男」「頼りになる男」「最高の男」みたいな意味になるようです。

・野球をする夜神月ってことか?まさに今回は「Keikaku Doori」と呼ぶにふさわしい回だった。今までで最も相手の心を巧みに操るキャラクターだ。

Light Yagami playing baseball eh? Well, I think this is an appropriate time to say "Keikaku Doori". Best manipulation character EVER.

The owner's reaction was priceless. XD
Toua's speech about responsible was kind of deep.

Love it when Toua makes the owner angry, and that speech was really good, but I just wonder what he would do if they weren´t able to score enough points...

The next team will probably hire a physicist and a lawyer to beat him.


I hope at some point Toua goes to the owner and hit his face with a ball .
Good Episode .