"Who we helping?"
"The girl!"
"Of course we are!"
The first anime I saw was, like a lot of people, Akira. But this is the scene and the film that really made me start paying attention to anime all the way back in the day. It hasn't aged a day for me.

If you're going to watch just one anime movie from the seventies, it has to be Cagliostro.

I would also say watch the Galaxy Express 999 movie and Belladonna of Sadness. Both amazing movies from the 70s that are equaly deserving going back to. Also maybe the Aim for the Ace 1979 movie

I think it was added to Netflix back when they added all the Ghibli movies, I should give it a watch some day!

現在ネットフリックスで配信中だよ、スタジオジブリが出来る前の作品なので配信権利は別にある。それ以外の宮崎/ジブリ映画はすべてHBO Maxがもっている。
It’s on Netflix now, it was made before studio ghibli was founded so the streaming rights are separate. All the other Miyazaki/ghibli movies are in hbo max


Cagliostro is my favorite Miyazaki anime. I love it both dubbed and subbed.

自分は「うる星やつら2 ビューティフル・ドリーマー」が好きすぎた。
My weakness is 'Lum:Urusei Yatsura - Beautiful Dreamer'

weakness=弱点という意味以外、大好物 好きでたまらないという意味もある。

うる星やつら2 ビューティフル・ドリーマーは押井映画であって宮崎映画ではない。
Wait wait wait.
UY2 Beautiful Dreamer is an Oshii film, not a Miyazaki film.

I love that movie too! I had a phase back in the '90s where I watched and rewatched Mamoru Oshii animes, from Urusei Yatsura movies to Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell.

Amazing how much work went into the storyboarding and the final animation. Seeing one makes me appreciate the other even more.

Interesting how Lupin was voiced by Solid Snake in the English dub of The Castle of Cagliostro.


my favourite lupin movie

This movie is so damn good. This actually hooked my kids who normally don't take to the older look anime.

A lot of old animated movies from Ghibli, Disney and even the “newer” ones tbh like from Pixar & Dreamworks or things like Your name & Belle are treated the same in my home.
They’re so great to watch as a family, idk why but it just brings people together.


Man, the cut at 1:44 is so gorgeous. The frantic and chaotic spray of leaves perfectly contrasts against the calm and focused reloading of Jigen. The man is hurtling at such crazy speeds with so much debris in the way, but for him his movements make it seem like its just another day at the shooting gallery
I would say it's masterclass, but that goes without saying since Miyazaki is at the helm. Amazing to think this was his directorial debut.

Love this movie so much. One of the first things thst hooked me on anime for life.
Looking at it now, I think Lupin was probably a big inspiration for Spike Spiegel's character design (Cowboy Bebop). Just the posture, the outfit and the way he moves. Love it!

100% confirmed. He also literally has Lupin boots.


where did u get this? I want watch more!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wait Miyazaki did Lupin?

彼の初監督はルパン三世 Part 1
His first director role was the Lupin III Part 1 series.

And this was his first theatrical release.


Japanese animations were ahead of its time.

This is more of a Miyazaki thing then Japanese animation of the time. A huge percentage of the industry then (and still today really) played heavily with limited animation, largely stemming from Tezuka's work (and financial limitations). Miyazaki generally speaking had a pretty low opinion of the approach, and so it's no surprise to see his works are consistently of remarkable quality across all eras.

これはマンガ vs アニメ論争の原点となる1つでもある。手塚はアニメをマンガの売れ行きを良くするものとして考え、アニメ制作を安く提供し続けた。宮崎はマンガをアニメを作るための補助資料と考えていた。
Miyazaki despised Tezuka as an animator. When Tezuka passed away, Miyazaki was quoted as saying "This man contributed nothing for the industry." That's typical Miyazaki though--often bitter and grumpy.
This marked one of the origins of the manga vs anime debate. Tezuka kept offering anime production for cheap prices because he saw anime as a means to boost manga sales. Miyazaka saw manga as supplementary material for anime.

That hatred was more informed by the working conditions/abuse of labor that Tezuka's business model (that's still the basic model that the vast majority of the industry still uses and is the source of most of its problems) inflicted. Miyazaki wasn't just an animator, but a labor activist - attempting to organize animation unions before eventually making his own studio. Tezuka hated unions. The conflict between the two was more about this than stylistic or artistic disagreements.


Is Lupin III good? I remember my mom telling me that she used to have a crush on him when she was young, we were talking about old animes we used to watch at the time.

Yes. Theres a ton of it and it runs the gamut but yeah the good stuff is very enjoyable.

That last guy scream sound like he came straight outta Metal Slug lmao


I forgot the name of this movie. It was so good thanks for reminding me.

How do these old anime look so good and ahead of their time? The animation is better and more fluid than a lot of what we have today and technology was worlds apart back then.

By being a movie instead of a TV show.

  1. 映画の予算
  2. 監督が宮崎駿
  1. Movie budget
  2. Hayao Miyazaki as director
Not all anime movies in the 80s look this good.

this is 70s...


loved this movie. watched it on Netflix and loved it. the English dub wasn't bad at all

I remember reading that some prominent Western Hollywood directors have taken inspiration from this car chase sequence. I don't remember who though.

Western Hollywoodはよくわからなかったので単にハリウッドと訳しました。

1979? ahead of its times fr