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Bosse showing Miranjo the different landscapes was great, just like in the opening

If you pay attention to the opening you could see Miranjo failed attempt of jumping of the cliff too...

あれはすごかったな、Sasuga WIT
Damn that's awesome. Sasuga WIT

Oh my god i just checked
Its miranjo's pov while falling
Thats amazing

Dude this actually blows my mind.

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Despa might have to save two brothers after this ep...

Desha want to be handsome like his brother Despa

Lol could you imagine?
Here lies money, power, wealth....
I choose good looks!

It's already similar to Dragon Ball in this episode, where Daida stole Despa's wish the same way as Oolong stole Pilaf's wish.
In this case, Desha wishing for good looks would be the same as Commander Red wishing to be taller.

Desha might exhibit some resistance to the vault treasure given that he's a half-god himself.

Yeah, I hope Desha comes out okay or at least is able to save Ouken before something bad happens to him.

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hiling's reaction to daida telling her that he's going to marry miranjo was HILARIOUS

Best mom was adorable this episode, her reactions and tsundere responses were great.

the lady who tried to kill her, got her other sons bio-mom killed, and got her son turned into a vessel for her dead husband is now her future daughter in law. Yeah I’d have the same response. Still hilarious though

I like how he didn't even explain anything after revealing her identity, he just straight up dropped the bombshell lol


I'm so disappointing with the second cour.. It started so well
Still curious to know what will happen with Desha tho


I found the whole DaidaxMiranjo thing rushed and borderline bizarre. I understand how he's been fond of the mirror for a long time, but all the damage she's done should give him a lot more pause in tkaing this decision.


Its a good ep and all, but how does daida want to marry a 20+ year old Miranjo? Like I understand forgiving her for her past, but that just doesn't make sense.

Things are resolving,. Sort of. I think i share Hilling's Reaction to Daida announcing he's going to marry Miranjo. That one feels.. A bit much ?
That said, Nice to see that Hilling was able to hug both of her kids once more. Even if she went about it in a mildly Tsundere way.
Of course The Underworld King accepting the title of Nr 1 king and the treasury vault after Despa failed to Save Ouken with the Devil's Wish does lead us into the unknown. Curious to see what lies behind that vault door.

I hope they don't forget to pull Ouken out of the boulder before taking away his immortality.

I had that same thought as he was about to make that wish

That was for sure going to be a Monkey's Paw kind of deal.

I doubt they forget, since it might become the new tourist spot of the kingdom; the amazing screaming boulder.

Yo, Ouken

Could be worse. He could've gotten Karsed.

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"Miranjo, I want you to be my wife."
Well I did NOT see that one coming. I'm actually shock-ed. Hiling for audience stand in on that one lol.

I was actually not too surprised by that conclusion. Mostly because of how attached he was to his mirror in the first place. I figured he formed a pretty strong bond with her before all this and had probably already decided if she came out of the mirror that he wanted to be with her. Lol.

>”Miranjo, I want you to be my wife."
Daida, mind telling us how old are you? Are you even old enough to get married?
>Well I did NOT see that one coming. I'm actually shock-ed. Hiling for audience stand in on that one lol.
Same, he really went and said that. Can’t really blame Hiling for that reaction lol

he really went and said thatの意味がよくわからなかったので文脈から憶測で訳しました。

Bojji is supposed to be 14, so Daida is 12 since they’re 2 years apart

He's the king; he can change the definition of marriage if he really wanted to.

The evil dude: I will take your son's power and give it to you, so you can become the strongest
*Bojji defeats Bosse
Bosse: so that was a fcking lie

I mean, the demon did make Bosse the strongest man alive. The thing is, Bojji wasn't born yet at the time.

There's no way Miranjo can become the queen of a kingdom she orchestrated an attack against twice, right? People of the kingdom, including Bojji's mom got killed, many houses got destroyed, people maimed...
I mean I'm all for reformative justice over punitive justice but there's no way you can just marry her and sweep all of what she did under the rug, no matter how tragic of a past she had. I just hope the finale (and future seasons, hopefully?) will give a detailed account of her actual attonement, instead of a happily ever after with some guiltful tears before it.

atonement=償い 補償 罪滅ぼし

Hiling is the only sane one here.

I'm pretty sure this just means Bojii will be king and Daida must step down.

I really thought that her redemption would be that her soul will be saved from the devil by Bojji and Daida, and she’d be able to go to the other side with Bosse to meet her parents and make amends to the queen.
Having her soul salvaged AND being brought back to life AND entering the royal family AND basically being « forgiven » by (maybe) everybody in one episode is wild lol.
(+ the romance felt eeeeeh)


make amends to A=Aに対して償いをする

Bosse: Daida, take care of Miranjo
Bosse: Whoa not like that

This felt like a final episode I'm really curious what's gonna happen next

I know not everyone will like this but I personally loved it and I’m excited to see more. I will say the making the deal with the demon was not explained at all as we know there most be some catch to it but I have a feeling with the style of the show they will answer it. Also I will say the character development and writing has been so well done even if it’s not all ways what you believe in it was been so soild and I love it so much.