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I’m 47 and still watch anime. But I’m quite selective and stick with anime like this and Odd Taxi.


Wow、ボッス vs ボッジの作画とんでもなかった。WITは作画に全力を出し切ったな!
Lol, Despa just needs EVERYONE to know that he's the one who taught Bojji.
Wow, the sakuga in the fight between Bosse and Bojji was something else this episode. Wit really went all out with that animation!

WIT studios casually showing why they're one of the best anime studios out there.

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Kid Miranjo and demon moment straight out of Ghibli movie level animation.

Not just the animation, the voice acting in that scene sounds very naturalistic, like in Ghibli movies.

Lil Miranjo is adorable

Lil miranjo just the best girl


I am 34 and some of my friends wonder why I watch anime lol. To be fair I get it.
But this episode is why I watch anime. Emotion, storyline, combined to beautiful artwork. The last time I had this feeling was probably when I watched Vinland Saga last year. The reason I watch anime is because once in a while I will find a series able to bring me joy.
Ranking of Kings has been able to do that for me this year. Thank you to the entire team for these priceless moments.



I'm 36 now and while my taste has changed over the years, as long as we get shows like Ranking of Kings i'm pretty sure i'll never grow out of anime. Especially after an episode like this i can wholeheartedly say ... yeah, i still love anime.



I’m 47 and still watch anime. But I’m quite selective and stick with anime like this and Odd Taxi.


Oddtaxi was soooo good

Okay, the choice to animate Bojji fighting Bosse as Bosse, not Daida was absolutely brilliant! What an incredible scene and animation.

It looked nice but it didn't make sense, so I had mixed feelings when watching that fight.

I think it was more of a representation of how Bojji felt while fighting his father, and less of what was actually happening. In any case, I greatly liked it as a visual

It's not hard to imagine what the actual fight between Bojji and Bosse (Daida) looked like.

Why do I have a feeling they're about to give even the soul eating demon a sad backstory and make us feel sorry for it.

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Don't forget puking them also out

the dude was chewing on souls and mashing them together. If they somehow make us feel for him, writers are goat tier

"When you break a promise to a demon..."
Miranjo's gonna be responsible for kid demon turning into torture demon. Calling it now.

I mean technically,Miranjo is responsible for about 90% of what's going on in this show..

The other 10% are the gods

Great animation aside, the show has always been in a steady decline since the second cour started.
I don’t really care what happens to Miranjo tbh.

・リヴァイ vs ジークを思い起こさせるシーンだった。
the one scene reminded of Levi vs Zeke
Very nice episode :)

the direction and sakuga on this episode is movie quality huh
Boji defeated Bosse and saved Daida that way, now how will Boji save Miranjo from being endlessly eaten by the demon
Bosse never wanted to be resurrected but he let Miranjo do as she wishes since she is always suffering so Bosse feels pity for her and allows Miranjo to do whatever she wants


The sakuga during the bosse and Boji fight was immense. That fight was actually a lot faster than I expected, but didn’t disappoint.
Despite the show’s best efforts I feel no sympathy towards miranjo after all the shit she’s done. Rot in hell for killing boji mom.

Wit Studio really went all out on the animation this episode. The fight was epic. Best one so far imo

Ousama Ranking no Kyojin!
Best episode since ep2 to me. 5/5


I've to say that I'm quite confuse if Prince Bojji is actually fighting his father for real or it was just his imagination or calculated move. The choice of visual is a "miss" in this episode.


It was to visually show how powerful Bosse was even in that smaller form

bro really? why do you think that? I think the choice of visuals was a nice touch to just how strong king bosse is. If they were to animate him in daida's form, it would've felt underwhelming and weird in terms of his actual power. Whether it was imaginary or not we still got a epic fight in the end, yeah?

As amazing as every episode, honestly it's already one of my favourite anime and it's not even finished yet


One of the best episode i have ever seen in any anime!! 200/100!!! Awesome!

The animation!! Goosebumps!!

this was a really great episode