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It was so great to see Rudeus realizing that he still has a reason to keep moving forward, his loving mother. He will not make the mistake he did in his past life.
Guess once Zenith is found, Sylphiette will be next.

Wasn't that Sylphi at the end with white hair and triangle glasses? The things she said strongly implied its her, despite looking a bit different, she seems fine.

He may not have been able to respond to the love of his parents in his first life, but remembering Zenith's love was enough to make Rudy realize he has to change and do right by his family in this one.
Seems like Sylphie might be getting up to her own intrigue since Rudy last saw her...

hey, correct me if I'm wrong but... Wasn't totallynotSilphy and those two people in the hall when Sauros got beheaded?

Great memory! Found it, episode 14(P2E3), around 21m


I love how respectful Roxy was when she found out that the drunkard loli is actually the Demon Empress. In most isekais the demon emperor is the main goal, here she’s just a beggar lmao

As soon as she realize Kishirika can actually do the stuff she says, she realizes she's legit and give her the proper deference.

deference=敬意 尊敬

Kishirika is as hilarious as always lol

I love when Roxy starts calling her "your highness" after realizing she was legit.

Tho i wish they animate her roulette eye to prove of her ability to Roxy

Teenagers can be so brutal and evil sometimes in high school that the bullying they do just for "fun", can ruin someone's entire life full of trauma and they still wake up in cold sweat years later.

More than teenager bullying this was on the level of the violence delinquents have for fun. These are the kind of people who can grow up into someone who can shoot a dog because it barked at them

Damn Rudy's parents in real life seem genuinely nice people.

Rudy should give to Lilia, Zenith, and Paul the love he wasn’t able to give to his parents in his past life.

Eris basically doing the same thing as Paul did, putting way too many expectations on Rudeus, was very ironic. Rudy might be a genius, but he's still very immature and prone to misunderstandings. He's very emotionally fragile.

Also true on another level. Paul separated Rudy and Sylphie because he saw that Sylphie became dependant on Rudy. Eris noticed the same and decided to separate herself from him until she was on his level.

Seems like it's somewhat of a parallel now to how his former parents felt about him too, with their expectations that "you got this!".
Where as, no, Rudy does not, and did not, have the mindset to just move on from being an outcast and isolated and not feeling that he himself is worthless trash. Which is why he went full-in on being said trash since he felt "well, if everyone thinks I'm trash, I might as well be so".

Which is also why I think Alphonse basically telling him "work or get out" was kind of necessary because people being really nice to Rudy and trying to let him do stuff on his own is part of how he got there in the first place.
In general, he should be able to help himself out, yes, but everyone needs a push every once in a while. Tough love is important in certain situations.

Nice observation. I didnt think of that Alphonse angle

The note from past Rudeus' Mom:
"Don't be afraid, you can do this! Why? Because all my children are very strong! -Mum"
That scene instantly made me tear up.

Author nailed this part. In normal psyche this would cheer you up. But in his depress state it can be: "all my children are very strong. What about you?"

I think it's important to note that his parents did not neglect him. They loved him.
The prison was half self-inflicted, and that's what he regrets the most. It's wasn't a lack of loving family, it was his unwillingness to accept it.

I hope today’s episode inspires people to try and take a step outside their self-made prison, no matter how hard it is outside


I... I dont get it guys? Where is the ending card that announces the second season?

...there isn't one... (._.)

Seriously though, I hope we do get a continuation.

t (2)
He still carries the holy relic with him

Hoping he put Eris’ hair in there

Made me laugh when I realized. And other than his staff it's literally the only thing he bothered to take with him when he left lol

He doesn't really have much else after that ox made the leap of faith two episodes ago.

Wanted to share this piece of artwork the illustrator for the Mushoku Tensei LN did to commemorate the end of the season

Brilliant. Thank you.

Thanks. This is an amazing piece. Peak wallpaper material

Post Anime Depression Syndrome now begins.
I will miss this show. It will be difficult to find a replacement as good as this since I have gotten quite invested in it. Always looking forward to it every week but now it's gone.
I don't think there is an episode that I didn't enjoy. Every episode was like something new. A new adventure. New discovery. New experiences for the characters. It was like opening an adventure book and everything came to life. The storytelling has truly been a magical experience.
Thank you to Studio Bind for creating such an amazing show.
Can't wait for season 2.


Sundays are gonna be much less exciting now that the season's ended. At least we got Demon Slayer season 2 airing on the same day but it could never replace this show for me

Well, Zenith was supposedly at Begaritt continent which was where Geese went after he left Milis in episode 17. Good news once in a while right?
Now, where is our good new of S2?

S2 got teleported in the disaster. No one's seen it since, but they're looking for it.

You son of a bitch...
We have to go...to find S2!!

son of a bitchって久々に見た気がする

Assemble the search party!!!

Eris leaving left a bigger hole in Rudy's heart than Orsted did.

Best Isekai in history

I am not a fan of isekai but this anime is so good that I will rate it 10/10.

If you think about it, the ending is very powerful. Since his reincarnation, Rudeus never went outside alone. It always was with someone and this time is his first time heading out alone by himself.

It's been fun guys, see yall again in 5 years when season 2 comes out

I hope its 6 months. I will be fine with 1 year. or even 1.5 year.
As long as they don't do log horizon. I liked that show and they brought it back after 6 years and I forgot everything to keep watching it.

Considering the popularity of MT, here is no reason for them to not to continue. Especially when Studio Bind was made specifically just for MT.
At this point really we just have to wait for news.

It's just amazing. I can't wait for more, might pick up the novels just to find out what's next. Season 2 please come soon!




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