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Bojji’s mom: “Did you come to fight?”
Bosse: “I’ve come to make you my woman so that you can bear my children.”
Imagine that pickup line actually working...

It only works if you beat her in wrestling right after.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Wrestling

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)はシモネタを匂わせるときに使われる顔文字

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I see where bojji got his face from.

We know she died when Bojji was very young. But I can't help but wonder whether it wasn't under any sinister circumstances. Usually in fairy tales and such, Giants have lifespans of centuries so I can't imagine her dying of natural causes or illness, especially since Despa remarked in the previous episode how tough they are.

Maybe Miranjo had something to do with it (with Bosse's blessing presumably) just like she's now planning for Hiling's assassination.

I wonder if King Bosse, also follows the theme of “things are not how they appear”. He seems to be working behind the mirrors back, and he feels guilt for what he did to his sons.

Yeah I was also thinking that he might not have wanted this and is just very scared of the mirror and doing whatever he can to seem like he's working with her when he's trying to undermine her. Like he seemed pretty devoted to making Bojji's life a good one, so it seems odd that he would willingly work with someone who conspired to kill him.

Bojji's mom probably had the easiest baby delivery ever. Just have somebody stand under her and catch him as he was falling out.

Maybe Bojji shrunk when he was being born.

that's most likely the case since Bosse got the powers the moment he was born.

Pretty sure Miranjo had Boji's mother killed as well.

Seeing Bebin again makes me happy

People who treat animals well are always the coolest.

It's funny because if you really think about it, he actually haven't done anything wrong and yet people automatically assumed he's evil. From his perspective, all he did in the first episode was hunt a creature from an assassin clan that was able to infiltrate their castle. He's just doing his job as a royal elite guard.

Also Hokuro's flashback of Bojji being ''attacked'' by snakes, when it was probably just training

I don't even think that was him. Boji seems to be on about the same level of friendship with the snakes. They were probably just playing.

HOW THE HECK DID BOJJI BECOME THE STRONGEST PERSON IN THE WORLD IN JUST A FEW WEEKS? I have more questions than answers after this episode...

maybe he always has been.

By this point I'm questioning the mirror's truthfulness.

I assume Bojji only lost his strenght, while keeping his other superhuman skills like agility. Maybe Desda has taght him some technique to turn his skills into strenght, like how judo uses the energy of your oponents against themselves.

As usual there was a lot that happened in this episode. It's nice getting to see more about the past (how Bosse got his powers, how Bosse met his wife, Bebins past). This show is progressing really good so far and I'm totally enjoying each episode.

Yeah, this episode did address the backgrounds the Bosse and Bojji which was needed.

I truly believe king boss isn’t the enemy and he’s planning to double cross the magic mirror

double cross A=Aを欺く Aを裏切る

I am with you in this one.
The laugh after knowing Bojji is the strongest felt genuine to me. (But hey don't take my impressions seriously, after all I didn't suspect Domas in the slightest. )

Domas is just speed-running the Jaime Lannister arc lol.

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If Domas keeps going in his current trajectory, I think we can all guess what he's going to replace his right arm with

trajectory=軌道 軌跡

Yeah, I was thinking during the episode that this is the fastest Jamie Lannister arc I've ever seen.


Does that mean Hokuro = Brienne?

Domas aka Jaime Lannister.

they are really blue balling us as to what bojji fights with

blue-ball A=Aを散々期待させておいてお預けを食らわせる

blue balls

I’m glad that Daida is still (somehow) alive

This anime never ceases to amaze me. The story just gets better and better. I also don't get how author wrote characters so well - whenever someone tires to make their characiers not be obvious good or bad guys, they end up feeling forced and overly neutral. Here? They just feel real.
I just don't know what was bigger surprise: explaination of Bojji's weakness, or the fact that he is the stongest now lol
Well, at least now I know why Bosse said that he sacrificed another son after taking over Daida's body.

Bosse: Let's breed
Woman: Show me what you got
Well, it was almost like that. Neat romantic story xD
Lots of gud stuff was going on this episode. Above all I'm interested in Domas redemption arc.

I have a feeling that Daida/Bosse is going to betray Miranjo.

There are no morally just and evil characters, they are just characters... capable of bad and good things. Love this show

This episode played with my emotions so much I was so tense the whole run lol
I swear to god if they kill Hiling my heart will break into million pieces.