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I acknowledge that bad chefs is quite an overused cliche in anime. But holy frack, this routine of Bojji cooking some nasty purple pot was probably the most visually elaborated and hilarious subversion of this joke I've seen in literally decades.

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The fact that they animated it so you could actually feel Despa’s agony through his expressions instead of just putting a still frame shot of the characters dead on the ground made the trope 10 times better

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Most of the time when this trope is used, I am yelling at the screen "why isn't the cook tasting their own food!" I am glad they showed Bojji enjoying it and we got some more worldbuilding out of it

At first I thought Bojji's sense of taste might be impaired like his hearing, which would be kind of sad. Giant's blood, on the other hand, came out of the left field but probably become important later.

It’s not really out of left field though. King Bosse is HUGE, and we saw that scene with Boji’s mom in the first episode where she is implied to be massive as well (her grave is also huge, but that’s a less obvious sign since a normal sized person could have a big monument.) Desha even says in the previous episode that Boji is a giant with his power taken away.

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Despa didn't seem all too reliable at first, but somehow he has gotten Bojji to split a fucking boulder in half. Hope he is actually team Bojji.

True, if anything we've learned now is that almost everyone in this story has two or more faces, especially the adults.

What's great about this episode is that we've already seen Despa's other face.

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This one, too.

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And this one

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Last but not the least

Last but not the least=最後になるけど(でも[but]、一番つまらないもの[the least]というわけじゃないよ[not])といったニュアンス

My personal favorite. This scene had me crying of laughter

What a multifaceted character!

Was 100% expecting the mirror person to be the one reincarnated, but instead it seems it was King Bosse?? Crazy twist, wonder what the mom’s reaction will be (if she finds out). Also can’t imagine the weapon Bonji’s using, and Despa seems really likable so far!

This episode made me cry,not because I was feeling sad,but because I couldn't stop laughing.Beautiful animation,and King Bosse is back,I wonder what does it mean for Daida,the Queen and Bojji...The king is involved with a lot of dark magic, willing to sacrifice both of his sons so that he can have power/stay in power.
This show continues to surprise me,what an amazing storyline thus far.

Rip Daida? He’s now being possessed?.
Also, Bojji is just to innocent. He made a poison, but because he’s a giant it had no affect on him lol.
Also, honestly I’m curious how he cut the rock. It was stated that his curse stops him from getting any strength, so did he learn to use his speed to destroy that rock?

>Also, Bojji is just to innocent. He made a poison, but because he’s a giant it had no affect on him lol.
That just made me realize that if he did end up eating Domas' poisoned meat, he probably would've survived.

Another option could be precision. Maybe Bojji is learning to analyze his opponents and to strike them where they're weakest. So he might have been looking for cracks in that stone so he could cause the most damage with the least amount of effort.

Holy fuck Bojji is getting Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Bosse-Daida better watch tf out

I felt bad for Desha when a glimpse of his past was shown. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of the 2 brothers and hopefully Bebin as well. They definitely seem to have a history.

I felt so bad for Desha that I started rooting for him.
Bojji isn't the only character that had a hard time.

Who else believe/hope that Desha is “the ordinary man that Despa made a king”?

Either that, or a twist and it’s that weird dude in the woods

Yeah the whole Desha thing seemed funny/ comical to me till they showed the flashback, which suddenly made me realise that for Desha it really must have caused him a lot of suffering.

That just shows how good the series is
Nearly all characters are two sided, you learn about their history and what they had to cope with
I love it, reminds me a bit of golden kamuy but its not as connect

its not as connectがよくわからなかったので最後はかなり適当です。

Back on episode two I commented about a Rapier being an ideal weapon for Bojji because of his agility, but I don't think that is what Despa is training him with, it wouldn't break that stone in half lol. I'm really curious about what weapon it actually is.

Other Kings: Swords, Spears, Axes, and Clubs
Bojji: Dynamite!

That'd be hilarious.

Bojji after his training


as long as it works=直訳だと「それでうまくいっているうちはな」とかになると思いますが、それだとやっぱり変なので「勝てばいいのよ」を使わせてもらいました。やっぱ翻訳ってむずい(笑)


Maybe the demon is actually Bosse?

That's a pretty interesting implication in the ending scene with Daida. So there seems to be some sort of spirit which inherits the bodies of this lineage. From Bosse to now Daida and the "again" implies it went from some one else to Bosse before. Who knows how many generations that practice has been repeated.

who was the director of this episode??
Without a doubt the best episode so far!

Seems like it's Shouta Goshozono. A newcomer who already did some work in Jujutsu Kaisen lately.

Did Bojji just learn some Kung Fu in there? That would make sense. Using the opponent's strength against themselves and shit.
So, is Daida gone gone now? I wonder if he's possessed forever.

I always thought Bojji's going to become a snake-handler; he's quick and agile, has befriended snakes in the past, has a resistance to poisons. But no, it looks like they're going with a different idea for him. Can't wait to see what it is.

Another good episode.
I didn't expect to enjoy the slice of life parts, but it actually was really fun to watch. The cliffhanging end was good too. Cannot wait for the next episode.

Damn, so the Boss sacrificed his children in order to live longer? That's pretty fucked up. On the other hand, Boji is getting a lot stronger.

Who else thinks Despa might be just a con-man!?
anyways... this episode is really funny!

It is still too early to predict anything but still, it's not acceptable sacrificing his son.