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Fantastic episode !!!
Albert was so badass acting as the "real" Lord of Crime. To me the scene feels like he's got a similar vibe to Aizen Sosuke from Bleach.
And wow Irene became James Bond!
I'm so excited for the next episode :)

The Moriarty Squad couldn't be more interesting and now James Bonde has joined the party.
Man, this episode was so good. From the negociations with Sherlock and Mycroft, to the amazing ending with Irene.

Yup I totally agree :)

For the amount of times they were repeating the name "James" recently, I really didn't see Bonde coming.

Yeah, I was running my brain to think what's her new name would be since I'm guessing it should be a familiar name. Didn't expect Bonde at all and I laughed when she said that lol.

THIS SHOW KEEPS DOING IT HOLY SHIT! Robespierre was a Holmes and Irene Adler is now James Bond. I love this anime.

honestly i didnt like this anime until irene said that. where is irene's/bonde's suppressed walther ppk tho!

  • ロベスピエールはホームズだった、そしてフランス革命の間に恐怖政治を煽り立てた。
  • モリアーティーとその仲間たちは、目的を達成するために自身をスケープゴートにする計画を立てている。
  • このアニメのジェームズ・ボンドは実は金髪の女性だった。
Crazy reveals from this episode:
  • Robispierre was a Holmes and incited the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution
  • Moriarty and co are planning on being sacrificial lambs to bring about their goal
  • James Bond was actually a blonde haired woman this whole time
 this whole timeがよくわからなかったのでとりあえず「このアニメの」と訳しましたがあまり自信ありません。わかる方いたら教えて下さい。

Bonde. James Bonde. Bonde's a looker.

Didn't know I wanted a female James Bond until now

For some reason, I laughed when she said that.

I was watching this with breakfast before work, and burst out laughing so loud I woke up my wife upstairs. The more I sit with it, the more I agree that it’s a fun plot thing for them to add, but that line delivery was just so gloriously cheesy

I also had a huge smile when she said that. This show is damn fun to watch.

Me too, lol. It was quite unexpected.

・アイリーンの新たな身分としてジェームズ・ボンド(James Bonde)を使うことで、著作権問題を回避するってことかな。
so using James "Bonde" as Irene's new identity is how the anime is gonna slide past that copyright huh.

本物のジェームズ・ボンドのつづりはJames Bondですね。なんでみんな「James Bonde」の方を使うのか不思議だったけどこっちのジェームズ・ボンドのつづりは「James Bonde」だからなようです。権利関係に配慮したのかな?

ジェームズ・ボンド(James Bond)はパブリック・ドメインになっているから、著作権問題は存在しないよ。
James Bond is public domain now, so there's no copyright problem at all.


So Irene is now going by the name James Bond. I have to say, that was quite unexpected. Bond's name isn't one I thought would appear in this show.

This show went from one of the best psychological mysteries to a shit storm with a single name change

shit stormは下の説明を読んで「とんでもないカオス」と訳しました。

shitstorm(シット・ストーム)は「shit」と「storm」を合成した単語である。shit は「糞」、storm は「嵐」の意味なので直訳すると「糞の嵐」の意味になる。

Reverse Trap James Bond? A surprise, but a welcome one.




You fucking bastards, I thought to myself "What if she says 'Bond'?" but figured that would be some copyright issue. Never did I expect them to just add an e to the end of Bond.
The idea of the British empire causing the French Revolution and one of Sherlock's ancestors being the person who was sent to cause it is an interesting take.
Also, I thought when Watson and Ms Hudson told Sherlock that Adler was dead, I thought would say "Nah, she just passed me on the street."

I will admit that James Bond thing made me facepalm. Decent anime overall but wtf lol

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Sherrinford! Never thought I'd hear that here on this show! If I recall this correctly, Sherrinford is one of Sherlock's potential name when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle started writing the books. That's pretty cool that they used it here as their ancestor's name.

That James Bonde was so cringe. I'm dropping this thing, sorry. Season 2 does not exist.

Lmao they named her 'Bonde', not 'Bond' to avoid copyright claims. Really loved that twist. Its so weird to see two franchises interacting like this. Hope we get a spinoff centered around her, adapting the novels and the movies lol

Seeing them go toe to toe with Mycroft was really fascinating.

My name's Bond, James Bond. That was fucking hilarious.


This show just keeps on getting better! I literally got goosebumps when Irene became James Bonde. I can't wait to see what her role is gonna be!
I knew what the Moriarty brothers were planning, but it still made me sad to hear them talk about their plan to sacrifice themselves in the end. Pleasee can we let at least one of the brothers live? They're so precious :(

Can someone explain to me what Robespierre, and by extension, the Moriarties, actually want to accomplish? I thought it was all about tearing down feudal privileges, but what's all this stuff about them pulling a Lelouch? How does that help with their goal?

Without the “Zero Requiem”, the Moriartys think they will just end up flipping the dynamic and end up killing off all the nobles on behalf of the lower classes, which wouldn’t actually create a better society in the long-term. Instead, it seems they wish to kill off only the most corrupt and by doing so, force everyone to collectively create a better society themselves. It’s basically the same logic that Lelouch followed.

This episode was gonna be my favorite until Irene mentioned her new name.....I cackled and cringed lmao

Damn I love this anime

wow, irene joined them. but that name lol

・僕の名はボンド・・・ジェームズ・ボンド??!?!??!?! このシャーロック・ホームズを題材にしたアニメがジェームズ・ボンドのアニメになってしまうとは思ってもいなかった。
the name is Bonde... James Bonde ??!?!??!?! I was not expecting this Sherlock Holmes show to turn into James Bond show

Really? James Bond? Who would come next episode? Blofeld? Dr. No? Austin Powers?

Hmm an arrangement between Moriarty and Sherlock to protect Irene's life.
I loved that part about the french revolution, so Robespierre = Holmes' ancestor... wut xD
And now it's time for Irene Adler to get a new life... she's James Bond now? xD

This is getting out of hand lmao.

I didn't expect James Bond thing at all. It is quite ridiculous, but I like it. Adler joined Mariarty, I expect something interesting out of it. I guess next episode we will have another arc. I'm excited!
5/5 episode for me. James Bond gave me a laugh.

I already looking forward to the next episode, where I can see Sebastian Moran almost naked, he kinda look like Tetsurō Kuroo from Haikyu that's why I like him, since I don't expect to see Kuroo naked in Haikyu LOL
And on top of that, Inspector Lestrade will be back! Too bad we won't see Mycroft Holmes for a while, or from now on, but Inspector Lestrade should be enough to sate my thirst.


Irene is even hotter now.

Great ep
Best anime this season for me



ただ「フランス革命のロベスピエールがホームズの祖先だった」とかに怒る人はいなかったのに、ちょっとしたネタである「ジェームズ・ボンド」にドン引きする人は結構いて不思議な気がした。ドン引きといえばあの「Good night,Mr.Sharlock Holmes」のほうが個人的には(海外の人もここみるんだよなぁーって思うと)見てて気恥ずかしくなるんだけど、そっちは特にコメントはありませんでした。



憂国のモリアーティ 14 (ジャンプコミックスDIGITAL)
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