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Honestly, the fact that the purpose of this arc is to just test Holmes is a great way to establish Holmes and Watson as a character to set up the next arc.
Speaking of the next arc, looks like we'll see Holmes and Moriarty reunite again. Can't wait to see how they interact and face off with one another like in the previous arc.

I didnt think I'd enjoy this show as much as I have been. As each episode comes out I get more enthralled. Especially now that Sherlock is on the scene. Always enjoy a good cat and mouse game

as much as I have beenがよくわからなかったけど文の流れ的にはこんな訳でいいはず。「私が今まで楽しんできたアニメと同じぐらいに」とかそんな意味かな?

Let's hope it's a better cat and mouse than Terror in Resonance became.

Yer kidden



【あそびあそばせ】流暢に英語を話す藤原さんに対する海外の反応 外国人「彼女の英語の発音は完璧」

I love how 6 and a half years later we can associate that show with thus phrase instantly.

Congrats, Sherlock passed the Williams' audition!

Ok, I didn't expect that Moriarty was testing holmes to become the main lead in his grand stage of noble revolution. I thought he's just testing Holmes skills and not his moral conduct.

There are no villans here at all, just doing what needs to be done :')

Sherlock yearned for true gender and age equality when he fist fighted the old woman without thinking twice. A true gentleman. XD

Not really, He already knew that old hag wouldn't be able to run that fast

I really love this series' take in Sherlock and Moriarty. A lot of Sherlock iterations have been completely annoying and just sociopaths, but this series gives him an actual conscience (I'm thinking particularly of him apologizing to Hope for not being able to grant his last wish).

This show is amazing. The ed is a banger. Sherlock is lit

Fred really likes to dress up during his missions. Agent 47 in the making.

Really like that William was testing Sherlock and they will meet in the next episode. I'm kinda surprised because they skipped the next few chapters of the manga to go for this one but it's one of my favourite arc so I'm okay with that instead of waiting for spring 2021.

More of just Moriarty vs. evil dudes would have been boring.

Man this is gonna be great. Seeing Sherlock and Moriarty battle it out via mind games never gets old. I’m so happy this is two cour.

This is the kind of Bishounen I like. Where the beautiful boys is a feature but isn't central to your enjoyment of the actual story. It's the same reason I can't really get into "cute girls doing cute things" shows .

CGDCT I found most enjoyable as a 1 episode at the end of the night type of thing to get me in the mood to sleep. Went through all of Yuru Camp, Place Further than the Universe, and Violet Evergarden in one semester by watching them one night at a time right before sleep while I laid in bed.


Damn Fred a ninja, a really cute ninja

For anyone wondering, Watson's diary entry corresponds exactly to the first page of Arthur Conan Doyle's first Holmes story, A Study in Scarlet.


Sherlock being absolutely great once again, and now the case is resolved thanks to him, I can't wait to see more confrontations, it's oustanding.

Even the street boy Wiggins is hot! In fact, I think Japan is impacted by The Baker Street Irregulars more than any other Sherlock Holmes elements, many anime, Detective Conan (Case Closed) included, feature a group of children trying to solve crime.


I'd wish Sherlock has given one of Moriaty's lackey a good smack in his face.

This Sherlock is hot af that’s for sure. Props to whoever designed such an eye candy.
And just like that, Sherlock solves the case exactly how Moriarty wanted him to solve. And it seems like Moriarty is thinking of including him in his next grand plan.
2 more eps left but I already can’t wait for season 2.


I totally thought Holmes would shoot Fred. Can’t wait for more episodes and interactions between Moriarty and Holmes.

Of course Sherlock would want to find out the truth on his own.



憂国のモリアーティ 13 (ジャンプコミックスDIGITAL)
コナン・ドイル(著), 竹内良輔(著), 三好輝(著)