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Next episode: Here come the "real" main - Poppppppp :)

I hope he's still as sassy as ever


The CGI fight looked surprisingly well

2 eps = 5 chaps manga. So 2.5 chaps = 1 ep. We will have at very least 100 eps undoubtedly. If they continue this pacing, 130 eps will be a fitting number. My childhood is still going on!!!

I really hope we get 100-120 episodes!!

the 3DCG fight scene is surprisingly good huh
Dai can use magic after all

They did a nice job with this episode. Man. I am so looking forward to the next episode of Dai's Adventure! Man. I love Leona so much now. Especially the voice actress who does her really did it good. X3


CGI is surprisingly good (looks like an actual game), this adaptation is going great.

Was thinking the same thing while watching it

I don't know anything about the adaptation, but i really like the pacing of this anime. It's completely ready for having such a high number of episodes, and it gives me a sweet nostalgia while watching it.
oof, it only needs to improve a bit storywise, but i'm really liking it.

Episode was really good! I loved the changes they added and the 3D/CG fight was surprisingly good though a bit jarring.


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Things are not as happy go lucky as they appear. One could suspect this show would be fairly lighthearted given the aesthetics and character designs. Very vibrant to look at for sure but things have so far been turned on their head with betrayal in each of the two beginning episodes. Quite shocked when I saw Varon and Jemiin betray the Princess Leona. Just figured this episode would be her and Dai adventuring through the cave that was first mentioned. But nope we got to see some more badass action and skills from the boy. Just like with the premiere I have to say I'm impressed with how fluid and good the action scenes are. Toei using the 3D well blending it together and using those moments to have some interesting camera work while Dai was moving around the killing machine as Varon controlled it. My eyes were glued during their whole fight. Dai really had to dig deep against that tough opponent, and he came use some magic. Glad he could save Leona and stop the traitors. I hope we see her again later on maybe once Dai travels to her kingdom or something.


The CGI from the fight looked like it was from a video game

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I definitively don´t know what to expect from this (mainly because I barely remember seeing the old one in television) but it´s dragon quest, so the characters charm alone is good for me to keep watching (and so far it's entertaining).
I didn´t expect that switch to CG mid-fight, but it felt well done, specially compared to the likes of Dragon Ball Super and other Toei anime.
Btw Leona is adorable and Dai awakening the Ultra instinct in one episode puts Goku to shame.

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Good episode, felt this episode a little bit rushed, but was ok overall. Good CG fight, good animation for showing us the Dai's symbol on his forehead and some magic spells, looking forward to see next episode.

Kinda sad that this show is overshadowed by all the other friday releases, its pretty fun and I think will be a good, long lasting show. Only thing I'm not sure about is the change in style for fight scenes, can't quite mesh them with the normal look.

na, what is sad is the fact they don't use Dragon quest music like the original otherwise the anime is on point.



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The second episode really kept the momentum from the first episode, production-wise. It was still really good looking and they've adapted the material really well, even expanding it in a a few spots.
The 3D/CG sequence in the middle was a little jarring but I really liked how dynamic they went with the action there to take advantage of what they did. Often the greatest problem of bad CG in anime isn't the fact they use it but the fact it's so slow and mundane. They changed the direction and choreography to take advantage of it so I really appreciated that.
Leona's showing here is really strong. They really show various aspects of her like her sassiness while being stern and commanding as fitting of a princess. She's of course kind and really straight with how she talks to Dai making her pretty likeable.
Tetsuya Kakihara's performance as Varon was pretty great too. It really seemed like he got into the role, lol. It seems kind of a waste to have him be a villain of the week but at least he made it super enjoyable.
Next week is where the show really starts and I'm excited to hear Takahiro Sakurai as Avan.
Edit: There was blood from the soldiers too! I thought we weren't going to get much or any at all but that splash surprised me.

ところでこの作品は本当に先を見越して作っているようだ。今回の戦いの一部は日本で1ヶ月前に生配信されていた。東映が削除するまでYou Tubeにその配信が上がっていたが、その時点で1話から6話までのプレビュー映像が披露されていた。自分の記憶が確かならそこで制作陣は1シーズンは先を見越して作っていると言っていたと思う。
>The second episode really kept the momentum from the first episode, production-wise.
They are really ahead in the production by the way. Part of this fight was shown in a livestream a month ago in japan and was on youtube before being taken down by TOEI. They showed a preview of episode 1 to 6 and they said they were ahead for a season at least if i remember correctly. So you should expect good animation in the next episodes too


>Next week is where the show really starts and I'm excited to hear Takahiro Sakurai as Avan.
Does Mister Sakurai ever sleep? He's got one of those immediately recognizable voices for me, and I swear he's in almost everything I watch lately.


I'm liking the princess already. I'll miss her.


I didn't like the CG fight but the art and directing is great so far, the pacing is very fast but in a good way, they removed the boring parts.

・ホーリーシット この作品のクオリティはとてもいいね!
Holy shit the production quality is so good!

Well the 3D fight between Dai and the Killing Machine was interesting to bad the framerate wasn't the best. Man so far the people who have come to this island have had ulterior motives, they should be a bit more cautious going forward.

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Finally the Zaku showed up

This is no Zaku, boy! No Zaku!

In the middle of a battle, Varon forgot to fight.



デギン「貴公、知っておるか、アドルフ・ヒットラーを」 ギレン「ヒットラー?中世期の人物ですな」に対する海外の反応

When they mentioned maou and the need for a hero, I can't help but getting flashback of watching the drama Yuusha Yoshihiko and all of their shenanigans.

It's no Houseki no Kuni but that CG fight scene was pretty good.

So there is a kind of lore behind the Killing Machines, I always felt they seemed out of place compared to the more organic monsters. Never thought you could pilot one like a mecha though and it was a cool fight.


最初の「there is a kind of lore behind the Killing Machines」がよくわからなかったので上のように訳しましたがあまり自信ありません。※loreは伝承、言い伝えという意味

Animation was really good. Dark Lord has returned, the one they call hero is probably Dai. It’s looking good so far.

Great CGI work as well. The animation was on point. Loved Dai's powerup and really liked princess Leona as well. Maybe we'll see more of her in the future.

This already looking like it's gonna be one heck of a ride, love the op and ed (been listening to them multiple times), also the art and animation is pretty solid as of now (I actually enjoyed the CGI fight, looked like a game QTE cutscene lmao)



Looks like we are coming closer to dai leaving the island,

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So young Goku meets Bulma and he's about to meet Master Roshi and Krillin. Young Goku can also unknowingly turn Super Saiyan Blue. Wait wrong show.
CGI fight looked good. The animation reminds me of the animes I watched from the 90s. So much nostalgia.

Dai can finally use magic yay. The poor royal family is getting betrayed at every turn xD