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Rin was by herself for the majority of the episode but was able to hold her own as a compelling character. I'm glad she faked Manji's death to spare the kid from walking the same path of revenge that she's on.

Yeah, it was good to see them change the kid's mind at the end after he initially ran off. It would've been depressing to see yet another innocent kid go down the same bloodstained path as Rin.
Gotta give credit to the mask maker though. Dude straight up painted his masks with his blood.

give credit to A=Aを褒め称える Aを称賛する Aを信じる

I love that they cut off Manji's arm so they can fake his death to the kid.

Manji: "Can't we just buy a fake arm or bury me but leave an air pocket for a few hours?"
Rin: "No we have to cut it off or he won't be convinced!"
Manji: "I know you've never lost an arm, but it fucking hurts!"

Shouts out to the symbolism this episode. At a surface level, it’s very obvious and in your face, with the spinning of the pinwheel represents the endless cycle of revenge brought about by violence. However, I really appreciated the decision to use a pinwheel, a children’s toy, to highlight the immaturity of the concept, as well as Rin’s own immaturity in being fixated upon it.
It also goes in line with the other concept presented this episode, that a swordsman is useless without his sword. In other words, just as a pinwheel’s only purpose is to spin, a swordsman’s only purpose is to kill.
Rin’s resolve is shaken this episode, as shown by the worn down pinwheel that she almost forgets. In the end though, battered as it is, she still returns for it, accepts it once more, and continues on the path for revenge.
In contrast to that, there’s the motif on Manji’s back. In the manga I’m pretty sure it was a swastika but now it’s some geometric motif that basically has the same purpose. Much like the pinwheel, it also symbolizes an endless cycle, but the fact that Manji chooses to wear it is indicative of his acceptance of the path of violence and death he has to walk on.
And then he fights the kid with his shirt off because he doesn’t intend for this to be a fight within that cycle! Like that’s some GOOD SHIT right there. Top knotch direction.



Thanks for that explanation! It just adds more to how good this show is.

Loved this episode. I was a bit apprehensive about the show with how the initial episodes were but the last few have been really engaging and now I can confidently say that I'm onboard for the rest of the series.
I really liked how Rin spared the kid a life of seeking revenge. The action was actually comprehensible this time around but the pacing is still a little too fast. I would rather they not play the OP every episode (even though I do like it) and save a minute and a half to give the show a bit more breathing room. Anyway, I'm glad that I'm finding myself looking forward to my Wednesday nights now.

breathing room=一息つく時間 休憩できる時間

I hope they don't fuck the adaptation of the next arc because from what i heard, up to this point it has been good, and me being only an anime watcher i have really enjoyed it and can follow the story

Just binged through 1-6 and now I get to die from waiting week by week

I like the themes and message of the show, but its kinda getting a bit formulaic in the way events plays out.
Rin goes off on her own without telling Manji, gets in trouble, Manji comes in to save the day, get beaten up only to be assisted by Rin before he goes in for the surprise attack. At some point you would expect Rin to learn and at least get backup before confronting the bad guy of the week...

this is still the beginning just saying ;)

Everything was fine until the battle with Araya and Manji, and not because it was slightly different from the manga, but because I felt everything flowing way too faster and the conclusion felt kinda rushed. Otherwise a fine episode.
And so ends the first arc of the series. Now it's when things are going to get good (if the studio doesn't screw the adaptation, of course).

Everything was fine before the indoor battle ruined this episode. Too fast 😕

Really happy with this adaptation!
In this episode we could even see more of the fight, showing more of the complete bodies of the fighters.
But what impress me the most is the script and direction.
They're really hammering this "cycle" motif, and in this episode in a not so obvious way (but you have to know the whole story to notice).


I really loved this part in the manga.

This may be my favourite so far. They disguised the death of Manji and they showed the boy a ton of compassion.

finally an episode with a fine pacing

Even though Rin is trapped in the cycle of death and revenge, she's compassionate and tries to spare others from entering it to waste their lives on a vengeance, she's a nice character.
I'm liking very much the writing, this show gets better with every episode IMO.

This episode is so sad but beautiful.
The compassion that Rin showed that the path she is walking is dangerous.


Episode 7 preview looks great.








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